Love Island

Charlie Taylor is eliminated on Love Island Australia: "I was robbed!"

The rugby player put his sports career on hold for the reality show but he's leaving the villa a single man.

By NW team
It's the title no one wants but last night, Charlie Taylor became the first person to be evicted on Love Island Australia.
In this exclusive exit interview, the 22-year-old admits he was shocked to be sent home so early on, he reveals who he thinks is playing the game and shares what really goes on in the Love Island villa.
Charlie, you're the first to go home! How are you feeling?
Yeah, I'm still trying to let it all sink it. Still thinking about bits and pieces that went down but I didn't get much sleep last night.
At the end of the day, it's just a new experience for me and I enjoyed most of the gang's company. It was a new chapter and seeing if this is something that I wanted to do. But I didn't want to come out first, it is what it is.
Are you feeling robbed?
Yeah, I do feel like I was robbed a bit. When I first walked in I had no initial attraction and felt no spark with anyone. I wouldn't approach those girls out in a night club so it was a different sort of an experience for me. so it was a different sort of an experience for me.
I was thrown under the bus last night and I guess she had her reasons but I was blown away… no-one saw it coming. I don't know why she made the decision, the conversation we had the night before she was saying nothing but nice things about me.
She said she would only want to couple up with me or Josh. Kim claimed John is like an ex she used to date, who was a psychopath and she would never share a bed with him. So I have no idea what was going through her mind. It sucks because I would have liked to stay longer, meet some new people and develop a connection with someone but it is what it is

Who are the strongest couples in the villa?
Eden and Erin are a strong couple and I thought Grant and Cassidy would be strong because Grant had to make it up to Cassidy and he was doing that really well.
Grant and Tayla will be a strong a couple but Grant likes Tayla and Tayla has been obsessed with Grant since the start. The rest are all sort of friend-zoned so I don't know. The whole thing is bizarre until new people come in and mix it up a bit.
Would you like to go back in if you get the chance?
I'd like to go back it. If there's an opportunity for me to come back in, I'd definitely take it. I loved the opportunity and enjoyed each day in the villa.
Are you happy you didn't do anything to embarrass yourself too much?
I hope so, yeah. I haven't seen anything yet but I hope I didn't.
I can't wait to get my phone back and see what's been going on.
Was the show what you expected?
I had an idea of what to expect but I was blown away about how it was all put together. I lot of work is put in behind the scenes.
Once in the villa, it was what I expected. You don't know what's going to happen most of the time so everyone was stressed and thinking, 'What's going to happen today? What's going to happen today?'
Once you're in there, the only thing you can talk about and do is gossip with other people. 'I like her, I don't like you…' you just sit there and talk about the villa. It gets a bit crazy in there. I saw it all unfolding but it was new experience.
That's gotta hurt! Charlie admits he's shocked he was sent home first.
Do you feel being in the villa made people act out of character?
When you're in there. Hours feel like days and days feel like weeks, because you're in there together 24/7 it feels like you get to know everyone really quickly.
Cassidy was in love with Grant I think, she would do anything for him I think. She was upset because Grant was giving mixed vibes and wanting to couple up with Tayla. She's a sweetheart and she does nothing wrong by anyone. She speaks her mind and she's honest, but once you're in the villa it can get crazy and everyone is stressed. I felt like I was there for two months, so you do feel like you know someone really quickly. Cassidy felt that way with Grant and that's why she was so upset.
In a way I'm glad I never made that connection with someone because I wouldn't want to be in Cassidy's situation right now. She has romantic feelings for Grant and he does the dirty on her behind her back and goes with Tayla. I don't know how I'd handle that.
I felt sorry for Josh. No one saw Tayla and Grant coming, they've lost the trust of everyone now because it affected everyone. I think no one will want to get involved in their drama now. Everyone had their mind set before the re-coupling but then everything was completely different when it came down to it.
"I do feel like I was robbed a bit," Charlie tells us.
Who had a game plan?
Tash had a pretty big game plan. There was many moments it was clear. We played a prank on Tash and the girls and said there was two new girls in the villa.
Tash started freaking out and going crazy thinking I was going to go with another girl. Then when she realised, she came over and was hugging me and crying because she thought I was going to leave with another girl just hours before that, she'd been saying we were just friends.
Tash is the kind of girl who wants compliments every day, wants a guy with loads of money and has a boat so I don't know if she's gonna find love in there. She wasn't the one for me.
Mille was playing the game too, for the first few days she gave me this mixed personality. I didn't feel she was the same girl I knew all those years ago.
The 22-year-old thinks Tash and Millie are playing the game.

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