Love Island

Will Cassidy McGill make a shock return to the Love Island villa?

Something tells us the blonde barmaid and budding actress has some unfinished business in the Spanish villa.

By Bettina Tyrrell
She may have left the Love Island Australia villa in floods of tears last week, but could Cassidy McGill be making a shock return to the Island?
Much to the pleasure of some of her fellow Islanders, the blonde barmaid was evicted from the Love Island villa when the general public was given its first opportunity to vote someone out. But since her departure rumours have been spreading suggesting Cassidy, 23, has some unfinished business in the villa, and she might be re-entering Love Island!
While producers at the Nine Network are yet to reveal any possible castaway returns, we think Cassidy could be back on our screens soon, and here's why...
Love her or loathe her, Cassidy brought a whole lot of entertainment to the Spanish villa.

Contestants have returned before!

Love Island is filmed in real-time, meaning ANYTHING is possible. So although Cassidy shared a shot of herself enjoying breakfast at a Melbourne café on Monday, the aspiring actress could very easily be packed up and on the next flight to Mallorca, Spain.
And besides, contestants returning to the reality show has happened before! In the UK version of Love Island, evicted castaways have re-entered the villa looking for love a second time.
During season 3 of Love Island UK, contestants Mike Thalassitis and Sam Gowland became the first Islanders to return to the villa having been dumped from the island. They were voted back in by the public.
Cassidy may have swapped bikinis for beanies, but we don't think it will be for long!

The people want Cassidy back

Speaking of the public vote, although viewers watching at home voted Cassidy out, there's since been a ground-swell of support for the controversial contestant.
"Love you Cassidy. I support you through thick and thin. You deserved to stay. You will and always be my favourite," gushed an avid fan on Instagram.
"I love you and I loved your friendship with Erin. I was sooo sad to see you leave the villa. I cried when you left but I hope you can find love still," wrote another.
A tearful Cassidy was evicted from Love Island last week.
Cassidy's Instagram account has amassed 98.3K followers, comparatively, Tayla Damir has a following of 80.6K. Casssidy's most recent social post received nearly 17K likes not to mention the hundreds of supportive messages.
The evicted beauty may just have the numbers to vote her back in should Australia be given the power!

Cassidy has unfinished business in the villa

The Melbourne-based single had her fair share of controversial moments in the villa, but would that stop her from going back into to find the one thing she went on the show looking for? We don't think so!
"I went on Love Island for one thing only; to find love," Cassidy wrote on Instagram on Monday.
Cass left Love Island without finding what she was looking for, LOVE! So will she go back in to find it?
"I in no way set out to hurt anyone and although it could have been portrayed in that light, it was definitely not my intention," she continued.
It sounds like Cass has some unfinished business in that villa. Perhaps she has some friendships to mend, or maybe she's still on her mission to find love?
Either way, we think if an Islander is set to return to the villa, our bets are on Cassidy!