Love Island

Cassidy McGill's most controversial moments on Love Island

The blonde barmaid has certainly shaken and stirred things up in the villa. But will it all catch-up with her on tonight's elimination?

By Alex Lilly
If you've been glued to your screens watching Love Island like we have, you either love or hate sexy single Cassidy McGill.
When we met the Melbourne barmaid, she introduced herself as "not a high maintenance girl" and "very shy when she speaks to guys." Sure thing Cass.
This Love Islander has had her fair share of controversial moments and made a few enemies in the villa.
As the villa's most polarising contestant faces a potential eviction tonight, check out her most memorable, pot-stirring moments.

Coupling up with Josh...only to dump him pretty much instantly for Dom

When hunky intruder Dom Thomas entered the villa, he and Cassidy liked what they saw - she was attracted to his authority and he had a thing for blondes with blue eyes.
But unfortunately, Cassidy was already partnered up with sports administrator Josh Moss, who had picked her over Natasha Webster in the last re-coupling ceremony. Natasha even gave them her blessing on one condition.
"I would just be upset if I go home and I find out they're not genuine feelings," Tash warned.
So when Cassidy confessed that she saw more of a spark with Dom than Josh in what seems like minutes into their "relationship", it ultimately led to a teary break-up and the other Islanders thinking that Natasha went home for no reason.
And to make matters worse, poor Josh had plans to pop the question to Cassidy!

Having a meltdown when Dom lost interest and went for Millie

Started with a spark, but ended with a splat.
Once the Josh drama had died down, it looked like Cassidy and Dom were going to follow that spark and see where things could take them.
But when Dom started to lose interest, labelling things "too intense with her," Cassidy did not take the news that he was planning to re-couple with Millie lightly.
"So, I think I was fourth on Dom's list of people before me… It's f*-ing like déjà vu! How f---ing dare she? I can't do this anymore! And they say I'm playing games," she fumed.
This came shortly after Grant accused Cassidy of "playing games'" and coupling with anyone to stay on the show. She then turned on Millie and cold is an understatement.
"You need to understand he's not interested in you either. You're not his type. He's told me he's not interested in you."

Stealing Grant from Tayla in the most explosive re-coupling ever

Yeah, he doesn't look too happy about this arrangement.
Oh boy, the Cassidy/Grant/Tayla fiasco just keeps on going.
Cassidy and Grant Crapp may have started as an original couple, but he quickly developed feelings for beauty queen Taylor Damir leaving Cassidy heartbroken.
After Dom and Millie re-coupled, Cassidy designed to drop a bomb and choose Grant for her partner.
"I would like to couple up with this boy here tonight because he now thinks that I'm not here for genuine reasons so I'd love the opportunity to prove to him that I am here for genuine reasons."
Needless to say, Tayla was not happy about it.
"I don't want to get anywhere near the level of low that she's at."
We can't wait to see what goes down tonight as the villa's only single ladies Mac and Cass find out who Australia has voted to save and send home.
Love Island airs on 9Go at 8:30pm, from Sunday-Thursday