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Love Island's Cassidy McGill reveals: 'I still want Josh!'

Love Island's feisty blonde sets the record straight with OK!

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Cassidy McGill divided Love Island viewers. "I pride myself with how honest I am," she tells OK! after her dramatic exit from the dating show.
But it's what she has to say outside the villa, back on home turf, that will really ruffle some feathers! "I'm just a 23-year-old girl following my heart," she says.
Here, Cassidy spills on a Love Island baby, STIs and who she wants to give her a second chance!
The blonde barmaid has certainly shaken and stirred things up in the villa! Photography: Yianni Aspradakis @Bauer Media Photographics
Now that you've left Spain's beautiful Mallorca, tell us who would you pursue a relationship with…
Cassidy: The only person I would pursue something with is Josh, because I'd love a bit more of an opportunity to get to know him. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a homewrecker, so if he and Amelia are happy, I'm not going to bulldoze my way through.
Do you think Josh would be keen?
Cassidy: Josh and I did agree that there wasn't enough time in the villa…
Is Josh the one that got away?
Besides Josh, Dom and Grant, did any of the other guys try and hook up with you?
Cassidy: The only guy that ever came on strong was Jaxon. And it was in a romantic way, never a sexual way. He was very interested in me. But then he jumped ship quite quickly.
When you'd go out of the villa as a group, did you find yourselves checking out guys?
Cassidy: No we didn't. We were always told to keep a low profile. We avoided eye contact with people, and didn't acknowledge people walking by. We just stuck with each other. The boys and girls were always separated. I can only speak for the girls that they never had a wandering eye!
Any hot crew members?
Cassidy: We all loved Gavin the cameraman. He was the one that filmed all the dates. He was a bloody legend, all the girls loved him.
"Jax came on strong," says Cass.
We've heard there might be a Love Island baby on the way. Who requested a pregnancy test?
Cassidy: I've got no idea! I find it hard to believe that there would be a pregnancy scare in there because we do promote safe sex. Condoms are provided. I guess we'll find out in 12 to 15 weeks!
Speaking of safe sex, did all of you guys have to do STI checks before arriving in Mallorca?
Cassidy: Yeah. Just to be safe and healthy. Even just for, like, the simple things like checking for the herpes virus to make sure nobody gets a cold sore.
Any raunchy confessions? Threesomes?
Cassidy: There were no threesomes while I was in the villa. Not that I know of, anyway! I know that Eden doesn't really like to share, so I highly doubt he and Erin would be open for a threesome.
Did you ever forget that the cameras were rolling?
Cassidy: Oh yeah. I woke up on day two and remembered that there were cameras there. It was really bad! Really bad!
"Apparently Sophie [Monk] implied that we slept together!" Cassidy sets the record straight.
Is it true that you slept with Grant?
Cassidy: No, we didn't sleep together. Apparently Sophie [Monk] implied that we slept together, but I can confidently confirm that we did not sleep together. I didn't sleep with anyone on the show.
Would you have had sex on the show?
Cassidy: It's definitely an in-the-moment thing. If it felt right in the moment, yeah I would have… I could very well have woken up to the realisation that there are 69 cameras in the house!
So who has done the deed?
Cassidy: Erin and Eden are the only ones that have had sex in the villa, as far as I know, but I never heard them or saw them.

Dirty little Love Island secrets

Cass dishes on the good, the bad and the downright gross!
"Millie [Fuller] is really messy," Cass reveals. "You'd always open up the jar of peanut butter or tub of hummus and there'd be, like, a finger scoop out of it and you'd know it was Millie. It was so gross," says Cassidy.
Did you know that Eden Dally was a germophobe? Neither did we! "Eden never went to the toilet without putting toilet paper on the seat. He's a hygiene Nazi," she says.
"Jax snored and John James snored," Cass says. "It was a nightmare. I would take everyone's pillows to throw at them at night."
Now the villa can sleep very soundly, after Jaxon was voted off by the ladies. You snore, you're out the door. Adios!

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