Lego Masters

Lego Masters has inspired Aussies to start making Lego again - and we're not crying, you're crying!

This is the best thing to come out of self-isolation.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Right now it can feel like the world is a bit of a dark place to be, filled with anxiety-inducing headlines and loads of negative news.
Thankfully, there is plenty of light amid the darkness.
And one of the things that is helping us get through each day right now, is Lego Masters.
The wholesome new reality show premiered this week - it actually set a new record as the highest rating reality TV debut in 2020 - and it's inspired thousands of Aussies to whip out their favourite Lego bricks and get creative.
So our Twitter feeds, which are usually filled with politicians yelling at each other, have been transformed into delightful, joyful collages filled with people sharing their latest Lego creations.
The show has clearly inspired many former Lego fanatics to dig out their old bricks and get creative.
Also, Channel Nine has been running regular social media challenges for viewers, encouraging fans to build Lego at home, according to a set theme.
For example, two themes this week have included "build your hero saving the day" and "It's time to hit the high seas".
Lego Masters is quickly becoming Australia's favourite new reality TV show. Image: Channel Nine
So we've rounded up some of our favourite builds we've seen on social media this week.
Keep on scrolling to see the creations below - and join in yourself using the hashtag #legomastersau.
WATCH BELOW: Hamish Blake announces the winner of the first Lego Masters team challenge.

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