Lego Masters

Who wins LEGO Masters Australia 2021? There’s a clear front-runner duo tipped to take pocket the $100,000 cash prize

Which team is going to nab the 2021 trophy?

By Faye Couros
We can't help but become obsessed with reality TV shows that feature people who have incredible skills like restaurant-level cooking, fashion designing, Grammy worthy singing and, in this case, major Lego skills.
LEGO Masters is one of those shows that you wouldn't expect to be so fascinating, but mere minutes after tuning in, you find yourself transfixed.
The series hosted by funny-man Hamish Blake and Judge Ryan McNaught, aka Brickman, focuses on eight teams who must create fantastical Lego structures that focus on three sets of criteria: technically abilities, overall aesthetic and storytelling ability.
David and Gus are set to take out the competition. Channel Nine
The surprisingly intense show has reached the pointy end of the competition, and while we wait in anticipation to find out which team wins the $100,000 prize, we have turned to SportsBet for a hint.
David and Gus are in the top spot with a 1.10, with Owen and Scott coming in second with a 6.00.
Teams Ryan and Gabby and Sarah and Fleur are ranking in at 17.00 and 31.00, respectively.
David and Gus had proven that they are the ones to watch by snagging multiple wins and even making the Brickman teary when they revealed their Fox In First Snow Build in the Show Globe Challenge.
Best friends Owen and Gus have been able to impress by producing Lego creations that push the limits of the competition.
The show is surprisingly filled with intense and nail-biting moments because something can go terribly wrong at any time. Channel Nine
Returning contestants Ryan and Gabby proved they deserved their comeback season, and Sara and Fleur have wowed audiences with their out-of-the-box creations.
One of the best parts about LEGO Masters is watching Hamish Blake lose his mind over the Lego creations, and in an interview with TV Week, the comedian revealed that hosting the show is the best job in the world.
"I have the best job!
"I get to come in and see people just be endlessly creative and have fun – and I get to be a nuisance all day."
Hamish also told the publication that choosing to take on the hosting gig was easy because he has loved playing with Lego bricks his whole life.
"I have the best job!" Channel Nine
"There was a moment in the very first episode where everyone had to build a city block, but ran out of time," Hamish says.
"The contestants went home and it was just Brickman, me and the crew wandering around the studio looking at what they'd been building.
"Nobody said, 'Cheers, that was a long day!' and left. We were all just fascinated by what we were seeing. In that moment, I knew this was great. It was exciting that day and it's been exciting every day since."
Finals week begins on Sunday at 7 pm, and the winner of the $100,000 price will be announced later in the week.
We can feel the tension already!

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