Lego Masters

"We need shows like this now more than ever": The best (and most wholesome!) reactions to Lego Masters' second season premiere

''The greatest TV show in history.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Australians have fallen in love with Lego Masters all over again.
The second season of the feel-good, family-friendly reality show kicked off this week with a bang.
It was the highest-rating reality TV premiere of 2020, even beating Nine's fellow juggernaut MAFS, pulling in an average 1.7 million viewers around the country, almost hitting two million at its peak.
It seems this wonderfully wholesome show is exactly what Aussie viewers are are looking for right now, with the country in lockdown and thousands suffering amid the tough economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
For a few hours a week, we can forget about the stresses of the world and settle in to watch this family-friendly show.
Aussie viewers have fallen in love with Lego Masters. Image: Channel Nine
And the only thing more heartwarming than watching Lego Masters - seriously, how nice is it to see some reality TV contestants not actively plotting against one another? - is checking out the gorgeous responses from viewers roll in on Twitter.
Keep on scrolling to see the best, most wholesome reactions to the Lego Masters season 2 premiere.
#SuperDads duo Andrew and Damian won the first team challenge on Sunday night, and the show's first elimination will take place on Tuesday night.
This week, Lego Masters will air on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm, but from next week, the show will screen on Sunday nights at 7pm and Monday nights at 7.30pm.
WATCH BELOW: See Hamish Blake's hilarious banter on Lego Masters.

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