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LEGO Masters Australia winner Owen and his wife Arianah have welcomed their baby girl

Congratulations to the new parents!

By Gracie Boyle
The LEGO Masters Australia family has added a new member, with finale winner Owen and his wife Arianah announcing the birth of their baby girl!
Owen shared an adorable photo of himself and baby Olive Grace in matching giraffe t-shirts to Instagram alongside the sweet caption, "Who wore it better? Featuring the greatest creation yet!"
Welcome baby Olive Grace! (Image: Instagram)
Speaking to Woman's Day, the couple was bursting with joy over their daughter's arrival.
"We could not be more enamoured with the arrival of our perfect daughter, Olive. [We are] Enjoying all the cuddles and excited for all the adventures that lie ahead. Can't wait to be able to sit down in years to come and show her Dad's TV story that she was such a big part of without even knowing," said Ariannah.
"She may not be able to hold a 15kg LEGO city above her head, but she's still the best thing I've ever been involved in creating. No offence intended to my on-air creative partner Scotty," Owen joked.
The high school sweethearts have been together for over 12 years, with the couple officially tying the knot two years ago.
Mum and Dad are bursting with pride. (Image: Supplied)
Owen has also recently brought home the Grand Masters trophy, following his runner-up finish in season three of LEGO Masters Australia.
"Our journey through Grand Masters really helped us develop another set of skills that we didn't have last time and that definitely allowed us to pull it off to a level that we both can be really proud of," he previously told TV Week.
Alongside his creative partner-in-crime Scott, the duo's creativity amazed LEGO fans, with each build progressively growing more intricate and awe-inspiring as the season went on.
Having finally clinched the top spot, Owen and Scott did not have a tough time figuring out how they would spend their $100,000 prize money, with Scott already on the hunt for a Landcruiser.
For new dad Owen, his winnings will be spent on something a little less glamorous.
"I'm a fresh dad as of eight days now. Diapers are expensive… we've got health expenses, so family comes first," Owen previously told TV Week.
The winning trophy! (Image: Nine)

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