Lego Masters

Drama on the Lego Masters set: Tantrums, tears and a shock walkout!

''The stress just got to them.''

By NW team
Thought Lego Masters was wholesome and drama-free?
Well, think again!
Our show insider tells us things got so tense early on in filmng that one pair walked off!
"You have to remember it's a seriously high-stakes environment," the source reveals.
"It was a very long and intense filming day – the stress just got to them. Thankfully, they were convinced to come back and finish their build!"
There was a reported walk out on Lego Masters by one pair of contestants. Image: Channel Nine
Despite the tensions, Brickman Ryan McNaught tells NW that the show isn't about creating fake drama.
"I want to help people, so that will mean consoling them when they're missing home or the bricks haven't gone together the way they'd hoped," he tells.
"My job is to put an arm around them and support them."

Brickman spills: "Hamish sucks at Lego!"

As Australia's only Lego-certified professional, Brickman brings the technical skills to the show.
But a lack of abilities hasn't stopped his co-host Hamish from getting into the Brick Pit!
"When we filmed the first season, Hamish really wasn't very good at Lego," Brickman says.
"Since then, I've given him a few tips and he's improved – a bit!"
WATCH BELOW: Check out Hamish Blake on Lego Masters. Story continues after video.
The pair pass time on long filming days setting one another challenges, although Brickman gives Hamish "a head start".
The duo hope to film a third season next year and compete as a team one day!
"We'd love to go against the hosts from other countries," he says.
"Hame will need to practise, though!"Lego of it, Hame – I'm the expert!

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