Lego Masters

EXCLUSIVE: Hamish Blake reveals the adorable reason he signed up to host LEGO Masters

''I love being able to sneak the kids in and build stuff in the Brick Pit.''

By Helen Vnuk
Hamish Blake is dressed from head to toe in red Lycra when TV WEEK drops in on the LEGO Masters set.
He's just been playing the devil, trying to tempt the competing teams to take part in a The Price Is Right-type game to win more time for their builds.
Will the segment even make it to air? Maybe not. Hamish has shot a lot of quirky segments for the show that viewers have never seen.
Hamish is now into his fourth season of LEGO Masters. (Image: Nine)
"I'll sometimes go, 'Hey, did that bit with the archery get in?' 'Sorry, mate. Didn't have time in the edit for it.' 'OK. Did that bit where I was flying in the studio…?' 'Uh, it just didn't.'"
It doesn't bother him in the slightest.
"There's so much time in the builds," he says. "I'd rather do something like this and have it not make the cut and have a giggle than sit in the control room all day."
Hamish is now into his fourth season of LEGO Masters. When he originally said yes to hosting the show, after years of doing comedy with Andy Lee, he didn't know whether it would be a hit.
He just wanted to impress his son, Sonny.
"I love doing *LEGO Masters." (Image: Nine)
Sonny wasn't impressed with the show's first season. But now that he's seven, both he and his four-year-old sister Rudy are enjoying the benefits that come with their dad's job.
"I love being able to sneak the kids in and build stuff in the Brick Pit," Hamish says. "That's a beautiful little perk."
It was a similar story when Hamish voiced a character on kids' show Bluey ("possibly the greatest thing Australia's ever produced") hoping to impress Rudy. That's not quite how it turned out.
"I was hoping my daughter would really love it, but I think it kind of ruined a bit of the magic for her, because it's more fun to hear voices you don't know on Bluey than just to be like, 'Oh, how come my dad is one of the dogs?'"
Hamish and wife Zoë Foster Blake share son Sonny, seven, and daughter Rudy, four. (Image: Instagram)
As for Celebrity Gogglebox, Hamish agreed to appear on it with his beauty mogul wife Zoë Foster Blake simply because they're both Gogglebox fans, not because they're angling for more airtime.
"It was a one-off," he says. "I think at some point there was some weird rumour going, 'Hamish and Zoë want a reality show.'
"I definitely don't want one, even if someone was going to ask us to do one. I'm formally requesting that we please don't have one.
"We've got many other things that are going on. Zoë's running a business and is busy. If there are [reality shows] going around, I'm sure there are much more interesting people."
Hamish, who turned 40 late last year, is keen to quash another rumour: that he and Zoë are heading overseas.
"We've just moved to Sydney and enrolled the kids in school," he says. "Why would we move to LA?"
The truth is that Hamish's current career plan doesn't involve any big new projects.
Hamish said he and Zoë have no plans to relocate their family to LA despite rumours of a move. (Image: Instagram)
"I apologise for this, but it's the exact opposite of those rumours – it's to do nothing and to be a dad and hang out and enjoy life a little bit," he says.
"I love doing LEGO Masters, I love doing the podcast with Andy. I have no aspirations to do too much more than that.
"I know you're not meant to say this, but my goal is to be not busy and to be a dad and a husband and to go on a few little family adventures. To me, that's heaven."
LEGO Masters' SEASON PREMIERE airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm on the Nine Network.

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