I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Is this her final note? Will Tiffany quit I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here?

It looks like the singer is cracking.

By Chloe Lal
What the hell is happening on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here?
It's a mass exodus with all the biggest names, well, "getting out of here."
First Bernard Tomic made a racket and called it game-set-match after three days, then Anthony no longer "The Man" Mundine left the jungle's ring because of a couple of snakes.
And now fans are very concerned Tiffany is going to follow suit.
Tiffany broke down, admitting she couldn't do the Tucker Trial.
The 80s pop icon, whose full name is Tiffany Darwish, has had a pretty crap time since entering the celeb-based reality program.
In the first week of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, viewers noticed that I Think We're Alone Now singer had very little screen time, often disappearing from view and not participating in any group activities.
Looking downtrodden, fans of the Channel Ten show took to Twitter, asking, "What happened to Tiffany?"
Then this Monday, the worst imaginable thing happened to Tiff - she was voted into a Tucker Trial.
And it involved heights... Her deepest fear and a deal breaker.
The challenge, titled "Hangry Birds", would see Tiffany and camp mates Anthony Mundine plus Josh Gibson dress as birds, then be dangled hundreds of metres above a river as they zipline across, collecting eggs and throwing them into the "eagle' next" in a bid to get stars for their next meal.
The entire premise of the reality TV program is to take celebrities out of their comfort zone.
Unfortunately, this Tucker Trial proved to push Tiff over the edge.
Tiffany knew she couldn't do it.
When it was time for Tiffany to complete the task, the singer had trouble breathing.
The 46-year-old began crying telling the producers she felt "awful" and "guilty".
Despite the Ten crew trying to lighten her mood and make her laugh, it was clear Tiffany was in absolute distress.
The singer then uttered the words, "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."
Dr Chris Brown steps up.
In a very rare move, Dr Chris Brown took her place.
"He is my hero, that he took my place, that's amazing," she wept.
As he strapped in, the beloved vet joked, "This jaw is insured for life!"
Despite two former athletes attempting to succeed at the challenge - Dr Chris was the only one who got a star.
Tiffany's social team was clearly touched by Dr Chris Brown's gesture.
"From the bottom of our hearts, Team Tiffany would like to Thank all the amazing Australian Fans for their outpouring of Love & Support during tonight's emotionally challenging show! A Special Thanks to #SuperChris," they tweeted.
Viewers weren't as kind.
"SOFT!!! Weak as p**s!" one person tweeted.
Another mused, "Tiffany needs to go. So unfair everyone else in camp gives the Tucker Trials a go unlike her. She should have at least try and not chicken out."
This has been a difficult journey for the pop star.
Just three days into the show, Tiffany confided in the Tok Toki, confessing she wasn't "doing good emotionally."
"So many people died unexpectedly in the last five or six years."
"I came here to celebrate their lives, but the truth is this is making me go in a different direction. Sitting here has not been good for me because I have been reflecting on that."
Later that day, Tiff competed in group Tucker Trial which saw her win two stars for camp.
"To just have success after a hard morning. I couldn't have done it without my fellow celebs,' she said adding; 'that bowler got stuck on my butt at one point."
Fingers crossed her latest struggle is one hurdle she can overcome!