I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

What would Princess Diana think of Paul Burrell on I’m A Celeb?

The former Royal butler says she would be thrilled to see him in the jungle.

By TV Week team
He was Princess Diana's right-hand man for 11 years and former Royal butler Paul Burrell believes the late Princess Of Wales would be overjoyed at his stint on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.
"She would love it! She would say, 'Go for it, Paul – give it your best shot,'" he tells TV WEEK.
"She'd also be excited about it being in South Africa. We travelled to Africa together and it's one of my fondest memories."
Paul with Princess Diana in 1994.
Paul is famous for his close relationship with Princess Diana, but admits to being accused of "cashing in" on their long friendship after her tragic death in a car crash in Paris in 1997.
"I do talk about her often, but she was my best friend and it takes time to grieve," the 59-year-old laments. "But I truly believe when you lose someone you love, you never actually let go of them."
And last night on I'm A Celeb, newcomers Lisa and David Oldfield slammed Paul for doing just that.
"He is pretty dull," Lisa said. "I suppose if all you've got to talk about in your life is a dead princess then…"
David chimed in with: "And all of the victim stuff. I can't stand that, people with that victim mentality."
While Paul concedes he's no longer in touch with Diana's children, Princes William and Harry, he does keep a keen eye on their lives, including Harry's recent engagement to American film and TV actress Meghan Markle.
"You can tell she adores him and he adores her," Paul smiles. "I think it's interesting that Megan is 36, which is how old Diana was when she passed away. I think Harry has seen something in her that reminds him of his mother."
Paul hasn't spoken to William and Harry since Diana's death, but believes that will soon change.
"It's been impossible for the boys to see me," Paul explains.
"But I knew their mother better than anyone else on the planet. As the boys get older and they get their families together, I have no doubt they will reach out to me."

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