I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Crawford's sons had the cutest reactions to his I'm A Celeb stint

The AFL legend might put on a tough front, but his kids weren't fooled...

By Jess Pullar
It's been made abundantly clear that the I'm A Celebrity jungle poses a life-changing experience to those who choose to endure it's many perils - and Shane Crawford was in no way exempt.
After placing third on the show's fifth season, the AFL legend was happy with the final result, despite being pipped at the post by winner Richard Reid and runner-up Yvie Jones.
But there were some who weren't so excited about Shane's stint on the show - and their adorable reactions proved it.
Shane came in third place during a showstopping finale. (Image: Network Ten)
Speaking to Now To Love, Shane revealed that his sons had been keen fans of the show since way back, with the dad-of-four revelling in watching the program with his boys each season.
But obviously this year, things were different.
"I used to sit down and watch it with them all the time, and this year, my older kids were saying 'you should go in there Dad!' and little did they know that I was only weeks away from going in there!" He said.
But once he was on the show, their outlook changed somewhat - and rightly so.
Faced with much-feared small spaces, darkness and enough creepy crawlies to give you goosebumps, Shane was put through his paces - and his sons were not expecting it.
"For some of the trials, they were really scared, like, it really scared a couple of them," he explained.
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And it wasn't just the challenges that brought out another side to Crawford.
While at camp, the former Hawthorn player opened up about his past struggles, revealing his troubled relationship with his late father.
Speaking to campmate Natasha Exelby, Shane explained that his parents separated when he was five, and growing up, his father didn't have a big presence in his life.
"But, to be honest, every time that we did do things with him I loved it. I had nothing but love for my dad but he just wasn't in our life," he said.
His dad passed away from cancer when Shane was just 17 years old.
"He was alive when I was drafted so he knew that I might have a career... He obviously never... he didn't get to see me play."
But that wasn't the only poignant encounter for Shane during his stint in the jungle, and he's laid them all on the table for us.
Keep scrolling as we exclusively chat to him about his experience, and what's ahead for the inspiring football great.
Shane! Congratulations on an amazing effort in the jungle, talk us through how you're feeling now!
It was everything and more that I hoped it would be, and while it was very challenging, it was a great thing to be a part of.
The reason I wanted to go into the jungle in the first place was because I wanted to feel alive and I wanted to be part of a show where I could really be myself.
There were just so many things I got out of it and for me, it was a really good pause on my life.
Sometimes you get caught up in so many different things, especially living in the city, and it was great just to put a pause on that and reflect on things.
What did your kids think about the whole thing!?
I used to sit down and watch it with them all the time, and this year, my older kids were saying 'you should go in there Dad!' and little did they know that I was only weeks away from going in there!
They commented on how gross some of the food was, and for some of the trials, they were really scared, like, it really scared a couple of them.
But having them come into the jungle with me in the final episode, that was an experience they'll never forget.
That to me is really important to have. Hopefully they'll remember it when they get older when they're not interested in dad anymore [laughs].
The dad-of-four had to stomach the wild cuisines... much to his sons' dismay. (Image: Network Ten)
How did you find the strength to tackle some of the tougher challenges?
Well some of the trials included confined spaces and darkness, and I was absolutely sh*tting myself. But you just gotta do it!
I just thought there's no way I can't do it, otherwise I would have been kicking myself. But you did have to fight your mental demons, and I think everyone did.
How did it compare to a game of footy?
Well with playing football you're thinking about a team and how everyone is going, and being in the jungle you're always looking out for each other - so there were a lot of similarities.
But in the jungle you were never alone, and we all had our moments because we were hangry - so it was a bit of a roller coaster.
What was it like having fellow footy player Dermott Brereton with you in the jungle?
It was like having a big brother. When I first went in and knew that Dermott would be in there, it was a good comfort blanket for me.
I know what makes Dermott tick - and I like him as well, and he likes me.
I suppose it was a bit like Angie and Yvie - it's nice to know that you've always got someone who's got your back.
Shane and Dermott shared a brotherly bond in the jungle. (Image: Network Ten)
What were the most confronting things you faced?
Well I'm a sleep walker, so I had a few times where I went wandering!
Everyone was aware of it, and we had a guard for the fire so I wouldn't walk into the fire.
But obviously being in the jungle they said not to walk around with bare feet with snakes and ants on the ground, so I was quite worried about that.
But it wasn't too bad, I probably got up and wandered about three times which is't too bad, considering!
And the weight loss was big, I lost nine kilos in three and a half weeks - although I probably put five on in the plane coming back!
But that just shows how real it all is, it's legit - we do eat very small portions, everyone was just fading away by the end of it.
Is there another reality TV show on the horizon?
To be honest this show for me was perfect - you get to be yourself and you get challenged in so many ways - I'm so glad I was a part of it.
But I could do Dancing with the Stars - I like dancing, so maybe that one - I'll have to go and get dancing lessons now!