I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Fans are convinced Lindsay Lohan will be on the next season of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

The first clue has officially dropped.

By Alex Lilly
If the rumours are true, 2020's season of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is going to be one helluva show!
The first official clue to see who will be entering the African jungle and after watching (check out the video in the player above if you haven't already), fans are suspecting that the "TV megastar" in question is Lindsay Lohan.
Posting to their social media accounts, the show shared the clue video and captioned it" "IT'S CLUE TIME BABY! Here's your first official hint at one celeb heading into the jungle. WHO IS SHE????? Get your guesses in, and find out Jan 5."
The video describes the first contestant as "an international party animal" who "likes to prove her critics wrong" and reality fans instantly were convinced it would be the former child star.
"You're sending Lindsay Lohan into the jungle! Good God!" one person exclaimed on Twitter.
"Please be Lindsay," another wrote.
"Lindsay Lohan? Masked Singer is finished," speculated another.
Lindsay has been spending a lot of time in Australia, most recently attending the Melbourne Cup. (Image: Getty Images)
While other guesses like Nicole Richie, Snookie, Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby and even Olivia Newton John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi have also been thrown around, we wouldn't be surprised to see Li-Lo in the African jungle.
Lindsay served on the panel alongside Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes on the surprisingly popular reality singing show The Masked Singer and became somewhat of a viral sensation when she was forced to identify Australian celebrities.
We reckon Channel Ten would be keen to keep Lindsay around. (Image: Network Ten)
Former party girl Lindsay was scheduled to appear on panel show Have You Been Paying Attention? back when The Masked Singer was on the air but panellists were told to avoid certain topics of conversation.
Comedian Sam Pang revealed that prior to her scheduled appearance, which she later dropped out of, no one was allowed to ask about her MTV beach club reality show, her relationship with frenemy Paris Hilton, her arrests, her family, drugs and alcohol or her love life.
WATCH BELOW: Sam Pang reveals the bizarre list of questions he couldn't ask Lindsay Lohan. Post continues after video...
Should Lindsay appear on I'm A Celeb, it's been confirmed that one of her camp mates would be TV chef, Miguel Maestre.
The Living Room host, who also appeared in this year's season of Dancing With The Stars, said he'd been asked a few times to appear on the show but the timing has only just worked out now.
"I'm not very good at anything else but being me and cooking paellas, really," he joked to TV WEEK when his reality TV news was announced, before joking that he'll be trying to make paella out of the provided beans and rice, and whatever he can find in the jungle.
"Well that's what I'll be doing all day in there, I'll be hunting for chickens and stuff. I'll be like Bear Grylls in the night time, trying to set up traps."
Miguel is the first confirmed star heading to the African jungle. (Image: Network Ten)