I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Gillies on her shock I'm a Celeb exit, getting pregnant and the truth about Danny Green

She shined up the jungle!

By Chloe Lal
What can we say about Jackie Gillies?
She's loud, she's proud and she says it how it is... And Jackie makes no apologies for that.
The beloved reality star may be out of the jungle, but she's happily lifting the lid on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Here.
So strap yourself in for the Shine It Up guru... Jackie Gillies!
What a star!
Jackie you made it to finals week! How does it feel being out?
I'm in two minds. I'm disappointed I didn't make it to the end but I'm happy to hear from my loved ones and Ben.
It's weird, it's bittersweet.
You were truly the mother hen of the group. Was it natural to step into that role
When I first walked in and when I saw someone feeling down and out – I wanted to help them. It was easy for me to step into that role. I believe it's so important to be kind to one another.
It's not easy being in the jungle so we need to uplift each other.
You missed Ben so much and your love story is just so wonderful. Have you spoken?
When we spoke he started crying, I started crying.
Ben is not a crier!
He's cried once or twice in our marriage and one of those times was during our wedding.
It was so hard being away from each other. We're not apart for more than a few days!
You mentioned you do want kids – is that what you'll be focusing on next?
As soon as I get out I'll be working on my Shine It Out tour which is going to be full on!
But in between all of that madness I want the angels to bless me. I don't care! I just want to get pregnant. Even if I'm on the tour and I'm pregnant – I don't mind.
What's it like having your gift – how do you deal with it?
The way I deal with energies is that I know when to close it off. And my angels know how to block and protect me.
So when I walk into a room and I start seeing spirits and hearing messages about people I just completely ask the angels to take it away.
Otherwise it would be all consuming.
WATCH: Jackie gives Simone a reading in the video player below
With your gift, do you ever turn to the angels to guide when it comes to yourself?
Do you remember the trial with Danny and Shannon – and I was terrified. I was standing on platform. They were with me.
During the trial with Paul when my head was in the glass box and I had snakes wrapping themselves around me like a turban.
Well, when they were asking me questions about I think Shakespeare – I couldn't hear Julia at all. I was zoned out and speaking to the spirits.
I felt nothing!

I have to say every time you did a reading camp I wanted to cry. It was so intense. Was there one that really stuck with you?
When I do readings I don't remember what I say. I'm just a vessel.
If I did remember then I would be consumed by people's energies all day long. I need the people to tell me what I have told them.
So I gave Paul Burrell a reading and he was completely freaked out by the intimate information I gave him because no one knew that information and Princess Diana.
I don't recall this. But I have been doing this for over 14 years and everyone comments on how accurate I am.
When I was doing readings in the jungle I actually wrote down some of the things the spirits were telling me as they didn't want the public to know.
I believe in what I hear from spirits – and this is why I connect so well.
I think you were so strong and such a fierce role model for women – especially in that camp. How was it dealing with guys like Danny?
You know what – when I was younger I was in a very toxic relationship. I lost myself but then I asked for help and I saw the angels.
That changed everything for me.
So in the jungle people didn't see that Kerry cried because of some of the things Danny had said. Simone was uncomfortable by some of his comments.
I'm impartial and I told them to give him a chance.
But then I had it. He's passive aggressive.
You know what, I like Danny. I don't have a problem with him. I don't know why he didn't like me.
I tried talking to him to resolve but he always dismissed me.
I was really disappointed in him that he called me "unintelligent" and hurt that Peter called me "bitchface".
I feel like no one should ever be ashamed for being who they are.
Yes I am loud, yes I am strong person but that doesn't call for someone to be unkind.
If someone had said something to Danny that I thought was rude or unkind I would have stuck up for him!
That's who I am.

How much weight have you lost?
I went to my doctor before I went into the jungle and they told me to put on 5-6kgs.
During the Real Housewives reunion I remember people thought I was pregnant.
I definitely looked a bit shined up [Laughs]
So I lost the weight that I put on plus 1 kgs – so a total of 6kgs.
My doctor explained this was a healthier way of doing it.
Jackie lost a total of 6kgs.
Do you think there was any truth to Josh and Simone rumours?
No! It was all complete BS.
I gave Simone a reading and I know she has her eye on someone else and so does Josh.
What's next for you? Would you and Ben be open to a spin-off maybe?
We would love that yes! Absolutely… I want to go international!
If I did have a baby, I'd love to showcase that more!
Who do you think will win?
I told the network at the beginning that I'm not going to my psychic vibes in any of this unless I'm giving a reading.
I'd love to see Shannon, Simone or Fiona win!