I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Lisa Oldfield announces plans to divorce live on TV after being eliminated from I’m a Celebrity

“I feel like he is a boat anchor around my neck and after 17 years I’ve had a revelation.”

Lisa Oldfield had some choice words for her husband David in her post-elimination chat on Thursday's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Speaking to hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown, Lisa described being in the camp with her husband and former One Nation politician David as "awful" but said she had a "great time" after he was booted from the show.
Lisa and David entered the jungle together on day 24 of the show, with David being eliminated earlier this week.
"He's a twat… I will be speaking to a divorce lawyer. I feel like he is a boat anchor around my neck and after 17 years I've had a revelation," the 43-year-old told the hosts, adding that she "preferred" herself without her husband.
The dysfunctional pair have raised eyebrows in the past, with their marital problems making up a key storyline on the first season of Real Housewives of Sydney.
In a candid chat with Now To Love following his departure from the jungle, David opened up about his volatile marriage.
"When it comes to the moments in our relationship – if the dysfunctional aspects are exaggerated – I think the 'exaggeration' element is in the mind of the people that hear us. And then they take it to the next level," the 59-year-old said.
"A good example of this was my final comment to Lisa as I left the jungle: 'If you see the leopard leap in front of it!'"
"This has been taken like [sic] 'What an awful human… He wants his wife dead!' What sort of numnut would think I actually want her dead?" he said, laughing.
"I'd only want her seriously harmed not actually dead. As if I'd want to risk the life of leopard!? The RSPCA would be onto me straight away! There'd be GoFund me pages to stop David Oldfield from committing animal cruelty."
He also spoke about what sort of impact their unconventional marriage might have on their two sons -- Harry and Bert.
"It became evident to me quite a while ago that if we are going to fight in a serious way then it's best we don't do it in front of the children. There have been times where I've removed them from those sorts of situations," he said.
"I think in some respect we try not to do that in front of the kids."
"By the same token, our kids are both pretty fiery as well because there's a level of DNA passed down."
He added: "I don't think they're impacted very much by it."