I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen clip from I'm A Celeb reveals Yvie's shocking dating history

'It seems like a lot of straight white men think that they can say this to a fat girl.'

By Jess Pullar
There's ruthless, and then there's really ruthless.
Yvie Jones' dating history falls into the latter category - and fans will find out exactly why in tonight's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, where the Gogglebox star opens up to a castmate on her shocking past.
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In the clip, which has been exclusively revealed on Now To Love, Yvie Jones tells camper Richard Reid about her traumatic run-in with a potential suitor.
Angie explained that she met a guy over the phone while working, and arranged to meet him in person after a week of chatting.
"He wasn't at all what I thought he was going to look like, even though we completely described ourselves to each other," she said.
And in a poignant admission, Yvie revealed: "We went out to the pub and he said, 'I'm just so disappointed' and you know what.. I've been single since."
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Yvie delivers a raw confession about her love life to fellow castmate Richard Reid. (Image: Network Ten)
Her story is raw and honest, and clearly struck a chord with Richard, who was shocked by her confession.
The 46-year-old star also revealed that a man had once told her on a date: "Maybe you should just go for a run".
She continued: "[It was] out of no where. I don't have time for any of it. Was it my fault? Did I place myself in these situations? Should I have seen the red flags with these do*che bags?"
"It seems like a lot of straight white men think that they can say this sh*t to a fat girl."
The blonde TV star summed it up: "They just think that they can get you to make a different choice. Choose not to be fat anymore, because that's all it is about. It's just a choice."
Yvie and Gogglebox castmate Angie entered the I'm A Celeb jungle in episode two. (Image: Supplied)
Despite the stirring account, Yvie has stayed true to her positive, bubbly personality so far this season.
Jones entered the jungle with Gogglebox castmate Angie in episode two, and the pair haven't failed to bring some hilarity to the campsite.
The humorous duo left Gogglebox after four years on the hit show, admitting to TV WEEK: "It was like a huge security blanket for us – leaving was a huge gamble, but we just weren't earning any money."
Angie is also making a big impression on her castmates, with the 28-year-old blonde catching the attention of camp mate and former Love Island star Justin Lacko.
"Here I am in the African jungle, and it's only going been three days and already one girl's come in and she's caught my eye!" Justin said.
It seems the feelings might be reciprocated, with Angie admitting: "He [Justin] reminds me of Hercules."
Bring on more jungle Angie and Yvie!
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