I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: Inside I'm A Celeb's Tom Williams' jungle feud with Cosentino

Jungle drama!

Things are seriously heating up in the jungle as feuding stars Tom Williams, Paul Cosentino and Perez Hilton are set to come to blows.
Speaking to Woman's Day, a source close to former Daily Edition co-host Tom, 49, reveals he's certainly not looking to make new friends on the show.
"He's not the type of guy to put up with much," our insider source said of Tom. (Image: Network 10)
"Tom was really worried he'd be surrounded by a stack of people he didn't like – he can't fake being nice. You're either in or you're out with him. He's not the type of guy to put up with much," says our source.
The warning comes after he was noticeably cold when Cosentino, 37, who rose to fame competing as an illusionist on Australia's Got Talent, entered the competition last week.
It didn't take long before fans began questioning the tension between the pair.
"Tom refused to stand up and greet him until the end and was cold as ice," mused one fan on Twitter.
"Does he have an awkward history with Tom? That looked unfriendly," wrote another.
Fans were outraged when Tom Williams appeared to ignore Cosetino when he entered the jungle. (Image: Network 10)
Fans inundated Facebook groups to share theories but it's clear the pressures of the African jungle are setting in.
As if Tom needed any more stress, it seems the father-of-two is about to be served his most gruesome challenge yet in the form of celeb goss guru Perez Hilton, who entered the jungle last week.
WATCH: Tom's iconic strip tease on 2004's Dancing With The Stars. Post continues after video...
The notorious blogger, 41, has made a name for himself by slagging off some of Hollywood's most well-known stars, including Lady Gaga and Khloe Kardashian, and it seems he already has it in for Tom.
"There's only one person I don't really like so far… it's Tom!" Perez told Woman's Day.
"The only reason I don't like him is that I don't feel like he's giving much or he's there for the wrong reasons. I don't get it. He's so boring!"
The father-of-two insists that while he's sure Tom is a nice person, the former breakfast TV host just isn't "engaging and sharing enough".
"He hasn't been shown in that way at all, which makes me believe that he hasn't given the editors anything to show! Snooze!"
Acid-tonged Perez Hilton thinks Tom Williams is "very boring". (Image: Supplied)

Val’s double payday

She became an Aussie icon with a dedicated fan base, thanks to her leading role as tough-as-nails Bea Smith on TV's Prisoner.
So it came as no surprise when actress Val Lehman, 76, arrived in the jungle for the show's second season in 2016.
But it wasn't her first sign-on, with a source telling Woman's Day the actress was dumped from the show's inaugural season.
"She was ready to go, it was all agreed to and then at the last minute she was axed!" says a source. "Thankfully for Val, who had cleared her schedule to be there, she negotiated a payout for the 2015 season and was paid again for her appearance in 2016."
All smiles here! Sources tell Woman's Day the Prisoner star scored herself two pay cheques for being on the show. (Image: Network 10)
Val made history on the show four years ago when she became the oldest ever contestant to enter the jungle.
And while the 76-year-old served as a much needed sense of nostalgia for viewers, a source close to the popular reality series reveals fans shouldn't expect to see to many more TV veterans on the show.
"The insurance on the older contestants is an absolute nightmare!" insists a well-placed insider.
"I'm sure Ten would love to have a host of older Aussie stars, there are plenty of them, but putting a 70+ TV star in a tank of snakes is just asking for trouble," adds the source.
"The insurance on the older contestants is an absolute nightmare!" (Image: Network 10)

Rhonda’s divas demands revealed!

She's performed for the likes of Princess Diana and Bill Clinton, so it's no surprise Rhonda Burchmore had one or two demands before she agreed to camp life.
A source tells Woman's Day the stage and screen star, 59, negotiated with Ten to be allowed to use tinted moisturiser on the show.
"It was really important that this was agreed on. We're talking about a woman who wears makeup to Coles, after all!" says the source.
"She was open to absolutely everything else but this was a requirement for her to go on the show," the source adds.
Rhonda doesn't go anywhere without her makeup! (Image: Network 10)
When approached, a Ten spokesperson confirmed, "We have granted permission for one of our celebrities to wear tinted moisturiser with sunscreen due to a medical condition," before adding, "In the spirit of fairness, we gave all campers permission to do the same."
Before heading into the jungle, the leggy redhead told Woman's Day she'd knocked back multiple offers to appear on the show before – maybe the makeup was a deal breaker!

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