I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

The first one out! I'm A Celebrity's Tiffany is singing all the way home

It was a rocky journey for the pop icon.

By Chloe Lal
There's no question that 80's pop singer Tiffany was put through the ringer during her I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here experience.
From a bout of bronchitis to being thrown into challenges that were well out of her comfort zone - Tiffany Darwish survived!
She might be the first celebrity to officially be eliminated, but the 46-year-old should be very proud of herself.
We caught up with the singer about her South African jungle experience.
Tiffany is the first celebrity to be eliminated.
How does it feel being the first one out?
It's been an amazing ride. I've been having different waves of emotion now that I'm on the outside.
It's definitely overwhelming. I did enjoy a very nice glass of red wine, a hot shower and got into a really nice bed.
But then instantly I started missing everyone in camp.
It was a flood of emotion.
It was such an amazing experience and I'm so lucky to be able to call them friends.
You really had a rollercoaster of jungle journey
It gets into your head and then it becomes the norm in a weird way.
They had us jumping off mountains and ziplining… It helped me get over my fear of flying! I can fly now!
It was really therapeutic in the long run and I lost eight pounds [three kilos].
"They're a hearty bunch!"

Tiffany: Then and Now

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Who really impacted you?
They're all amazing – a real tough bunch in there! I look at them like extended family.
I'm looking forward to seeing Jackie succeed! She's headstrong and always gives her best. I just love her for that.
Is that who you'll think will win?
She has a great shot and I think Shannon Noll could!
Shan is a country boy through and through. He's a real survivor and I loved hearing his stories.
He'd love to win.
One of the highlights for us was watching you and Shannon jam – would you ever consider doing a duet?
I would love to! I have always wanted to come to Australia. And I'd love for Shannon to make an appearance on my new album.
He's very open to it! I definitely want to write some songs with him.
I'm going to London to record my new album, which is out in May and Shannon has a tour soon. But hopefully we'll be able to do something!
I would love the opportunity to collaborate with him – he's just an amazing guy!
You shared some really deep and heartbreaking stories from your life – were you surprised by how much you opened up to the camp mates?
I'm pretty much an open book.
Some celebrities aren't willing to be open, so you never really know if you'll bond or not.
But this group was so open, wonderful and warm.
All the conversations were so organic and just happened.
I felt comfortable to share my life – it was meant to be. You do know there's camera, but they fade away.
And there was nothing that I said that I wouldn't have to the masses. That's my life.
Tiffany was pushed to her limits...
But her camp mates were always there to help her out!
What are your thoughts on Bernard and Anthony leaving voluntarily?
Well I had a few things early on that got to me like bronchitis but you champion through it.
So I was a bit like "Oh! Bummer!"
I get it… You do have nights where you think "What have I done to myself? Can I escape?" [Laughs]
We've all had those thoughts. I knew it would be challenging but I wasn't prepared.
You need to go head on really.
The camp is shockingly small – so you can't really walk off let off some steam.
But it is probably why I was so open.
Tiff lost 8 pounds (approx 3.6kgs)!
"It was such an amazing experience!"
Is there anything that you wish you got to do?
I wish I could have ziplined – I think I will try again at some point in my life.
Do you have any parting words for your jungle mates?
I'm rooting them all on! I miss them.
I want to see them all succeed and keep going.
They're a hearty bunch who are committed. It will be interesting to see who takes it to the end – hopefully Jackie and Shannon!