I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

"She moved her eyes over and looked at him": I'm A Celebrity's Mel Buttle hints at a potential jungle romance that hasn't aired... yet

The Aussie comedian was the first celebrity to leave the jungle.

By Jess Pullar
In any given competitive reality TV show, someone must always take one for the team and be the first to leave.
In the case of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 2021, that person was Mel Buttle.
Indeed, the Aussie comedian pulled stumps on the jungle in last night's episode after giving in to her phobia of snakes.
You couldn't really blame her, Mel grappled with the decision for some time before ultimately deciding to skedaddle.
"I have a proper phobia of snakes," she said on the show.
"It's very strong. This plays into where I go on holiday. I almost didn't take a comedy tour to India because of it. It's everything."
"I just don't know how I could possibly go to sleep or go to the toilet or go and get my washing... here," she continued.
Mel's phobia of snakes proved a sore point on the show. (Network Ten)
Eventually, Mel told her fellow campers that she had decided to pull the plug.
"I wanted to try and come here and see how well I would go," she began.
"I have been losing my mind all day," she said.
"I feel like sh##t doing this but I have to go unfortunately."
Mel officially became the first to say, "I'm a celebrity... get me out of here!" - but while her stint lasted only a few days, she still had plenty to say about the experience.
Speaking to Now To Love after her last episode aired, she told us there were only a few things running through her mind in the aftermath.
"The first thing is how embarrassed I am that everyone saw me cry on telly," she joked.
"And secondly, I really wish I had taken the opportunity to stand up straight and look better on TV."
But she had plenty more to say than that. Keep scrolling as Mel tells us what really went on behind the scenes of I'm A Celebrity.
The Aussie comedian bid a sad farewell to her campmates. (Network Ten)
Now To Love: Mel! Well done on lasting as long as you did, it's more than many of us can say! How do you feel after watching the episode?
Mel: I feel alright about it! I got treated quite well by the show and how it showed my leaving. It's all a bit of blur now really.
We're there any moments we missed that you'd like to tell us?
I actually think Pettifleur [Berenger] has a big thing for Ash [Williams].
When I was in there I had a conversation [with Pettifleur] and she was saying that she's single and looking. So I was like "Oh my god my dad's single he's a great catch," and she asked how old he and I said, "He's 70".
Then she said she's into much younger men and just moved her eyes and looked at Ash, so I was like "Ohhh I see what's going on here...!"
Wow, that's unexpected! What about all the rumours that there's something between Abbie Chatfield and Ash?
Oh I don't know much more about that, just all the obvious stuff. Like when Ash took his shirt off, Abbie said, "Holy mother of god" or something like that. I can't blame her, I'm a lesbian and I was checking Ash out!
Mel reckons Pettifleur has a big thing for Ash. (Network Ten)
Who did you strike the best connection with?
Well of course my best friend Toni Pearen. She is just a gem. I was a fan of hers when I was growing up! I feel so lucky to have her number now.
But to be honest there's no one in there I didn't connect with.
What part of the show shocked you the most?
I wasn't prepared for how hard it woud be in there! The Hgrd bits wren'y really the challenges or the bits that look hard [on screen].
It was more about surviving on a small bits of food. And it's so hot, there's no secret hotel you get to go and sleep in.
Did the jungle have any surprising impacts on your body?
Well when you're in the jungle you dream of all this food you're gonna eat. We all talk about our first meals [after the jungle].
Some people want steak, some want a chicken schnitzel. I was hell bent on a Big Mac.
But when you get out the food tastes so intense, and so rich after just eating rice and beans. I couldn't actually eat very much. It was actually a few days until I got a Big Mac in.
Toni and Mel struck up a quick friendship. (Network Ten)
Finally, we'd love to know who you reckon will take the crown and win the whole show?
My sense is that Grant Denyer will do it – he's really well liked by everyone in the camp.
He's a bit of an organiser and he was kind of the dad. I think he could go all the way.
Also it would be remiss of me to hope that my new best friend Toni Pearen takes it out. But my gut says Grant Denyer.

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