I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: I'm a Celeb's Justin Lacko's family approves of Angie Kent

Will their little romance be something more?

By NW team
Things are steaming up on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, and Love Island model Justin Lacko and Gogglebox babe Angie Kent are set to return home to a very welcome reception if things keep up!
Yep, in a chat with NW, Justin's sister Rosanna reveals Angie could be The One!
"Anything is possible! You never know what can happen between now and the end of the show," she says. "She looks like his ex-girlfriend and he does love natural, bubbly beauties."
Rosanna reckons Angie's "really authentic and honest... and has a lovely personality", but there are red flags!
"They're not under normal circumstances – they're hungry and tired, which might not bring out the best in them. It's rattled the normal courting methods!" she explains.
When Angie and Justin first met, their flirting was next level. (Source: Network Ten)
Now that Justin's had his hairspray confiscated, Rosanna says he'll have to depend on other methods to win her over.
"He dotes on women and tries to make them laugh and lifts them high so they feel really good about themselves. He holds women in the highest regard. It's just the way he's been raised," she says.
"And let's be honest – he doesn't need hairspray to look good!" Point taken.
Justin on the set of "I'm a Celeb". (Source: Network Ten)
As Angie entered the jungle, Justin immediately appeared smitten, saying: "She's pretty cute... it makes me a little bit nervous."
The feelings appeared to be mutual for the Gogglebox star who said of Justin: "He reminds me of Hercules."
In episode three, all was revealed when Justin told the camera: "Here I am in the African jungle, and it's only going been three days and already one girl's come in and she's caught my eye!"
He then dropped the real bombshell of the show, revealing that he wants to be a young father.
"I have plenty of time to find love, of course, but I don't have plenty of time to find love and have kids," he admitted.
Yikes - things are getting serious quickly!
"He reminds me of Hercules," Angie revealed. (Source: Network Ten Media)
And that's not the only shock revelation from Justin - in episode two he revealed that Angie reminds him of her ex.
"Which is a little bit scary but it's also a bit cute because I obviously find her very attractive..." he told the camera.
But when he casually dropped in their conversation that he was single, Angie was quick to the mark by imitating Justin: "I'm just single living in New York... living my best life," she joked of the model.
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