I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: "He's the last person I thought I'd form a bond with, but he's the loveliest": Jack Vidgen's surprising IAC friendship

No drama where these two are concerned.

By Woman's Day team
This year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! contestants will be friends for life, and two in particular formed an unlikely bond.
Yep, ex-AFL footballer Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico and Australia's Got Talent former child star Jack Vidgen have revealed their friendship blossomed in the jungle - and we're just as surprised as you!
"I had a surprisingly lovely relationship with Dipper while we were in there," Jack tells Woman's Day.
"He's the last person I thought I'd form a bond with, because we're just from such different worlds, but he's the loveliest person ever!"
Dipper had similar praises for Jack.
"What a beautiful soul Jack is," says Dipper, 62.
"Am I surprised we became close? No, I'm not, because I love talking to people. I love to know who they are, and I don't think people sit back and talk as much as they should."
Jack and Dipper formed a sweet connection in the jungle. (Channel Ten)
Dipper says there's much to admire about his young co-star.
"Oh my God you could not get anyone as honest and open," he tells Woman's Day.
"As Jack says, 'These lips may not be real, but they speak the truth.' What a catchphrase! YASS B#TCH! [Dipper snaps fingers]."
Jack's sass has clearly rubbed off on his castmates. (Instagram)
Speaking to TV WEEK after his elimination, Jack was overwhelmed by how much he gained from the experience.
"It's been such a positive experience," he said.
"I feel like everything was aired that could have been - all our baggage has been outed. You never know going into a show what's going to be aired, but everything from me has all come out and thankfully it's been well received."
He added that he and the cast even have a group chat on their phones so they can talk during the show each evening.
"We're all messaging every night when the show is on," he explained.
"I also met Paulini [Curuenavuli] for brunch the other day. And I love Jess so much, I saw Jess this morning at Triple M actually, and I'll be seeing Abbie at the finale."
Looks like these castmates are in it for life!

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