I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Aussie illusionist and magician Cosentino joins the 2020 cast of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Welcome to the jungle!

By TV Week team
Australian magician Cosentino performs death-defying acts in front of thousands of people each night, is admired by fans across the globe, but taking those first steps into the jungle was his scariest moment to date.
For the 37-year-old Victorian, it took him straight back to high school, in a time where he felt like he didn't belong.
"My biggest fear going in is that everyone has made friends already and I will be left out," he says.
The performer admitted to TV WEEK that even in the entertainment industry he has felt like an outsider, so coming in as an intruder on I'm A Celebrity… get Me Out Of Here! has amplified those feelings.
"My whole life has been about not fitting in and so now I feel like with this show it's 'Oh here we go again!'" he laughs.
"I feel like I have had to always breakdown barriers for people to see me and understand what I do."
Cosentino was the first intruder to enter the jungle on I'm A Celeb this season. Channel 10
As well as his fears of not being able to click with the other campmates, his other main concern is the infamous food trials.
Nothing on the menu is appetising for any contestant, but for Cosentino it's even scarier because he only eats plant-based foods.
"I don't eat meat, I've never had chicken," he says.
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So what happens if he is put up for a food trial and has to eat the testicle or the brains of an animal?
"I just don't know how I will cope," he says, then after a long pause adds: "I guess I'll just have to push through?"
It's going to be a situation he won't be able to click his fingers and disappear from that's for sure.

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