I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Nudists to smooches: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here cast's shock confessions

Three of this season's most outrageous stars spill their guts before they're forced to eat them.

We can't wait to see the antics this year's contestants will get up to on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
But three of this year's celebs Rhonda Burchmore, Ryan Gallagher and Tom Williams have some interesting confessions ahead of stepping into the South African jungle.

Rhonda Burchmore: 'My husband said he'd divorce me for this!'

The show's psychologist assured me they couldn't afford to kill me," jokes showbiz legend Rhonda from the African jungle.
"They've asked me to do this before and I've always said no. In fact, my husband said he'd divorce me if I did a show like this… but thankfully I've talked him round," says Rhonda, 59, who assures us she and her husband Dr Nikolai Jeuniewic are happily married.
"After so many years in the business and working here and overseas, I just thought I'm going to give this a red hot go!" she says.
"I just thought I'm going to give this a red hot go!" (Image: Network Ten)
The mother-of-one might get her fabulous feathers ruffled by a controversial campmate or two, but they've likely got nothing on some of her most famous friends.
"Not only did I get to meet Bill Clinton after performing for him, we enjoyed a dinner for two," shares Rhonda. "He was so charming – fantastic company! I felt like the only person in the room talking to him… despite the fact he had a 60-man strong security team surrounding him," she laughs.
"I also performed for [Princess] Diana around four or five times – I still pinch myself," says Rhonda, who admits she quite enjoyed cracking the "shy" princess.
"She was like a bird with her wings clipped. She was so amused by my silly little stories and everyone around her including her guard and Prince Charles were a little wary. If only she'd come out with me and my friends, we'd have been great girlfriends."
WATCH BELOW: Remembering Princess Diana's legacy. Post continues after video...
Rhonda has long been surrounded by some of Tinseltown's most incredible performers, and she's been tested by some of its more unsavoury characters.
In her time, the vivacious redhead has remained honest about some of the sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of Hollywood star Mickey Rooney, as well as Rolf Harris.
"It was a time when we couldn't say anything. I'd have been on the first plane home if I'd complained," she says. "You think back and it was so wrong what these people did. I'm so grateful there's awareness now and rules put in place, because for so long we had to suffer."
Rhonda with her husband of 33 years, Nikolai. (Image: Supplied)

Ryan Gallagher: Ready for a jungle hook up!

Former Married At First Sight star Ryan is prepared for all the drama in the jungle, joking his strategy is to "try anything and throw it up later".
But it's not just food challenges and thrills and spills that have his pulse racing. The 31-year-old is hoping for a steamy romance, too.
"I'm as single as a Pringle so if there's someone in there who's good for me… I'd go as far as a bit of a smooch," says Ryan, who is certainly no stranger to beautiful women!
Could Ryan find Ms Right in the jungle? (Image: Network Ten)
The former TV husband has been linked to Bachelorette Angie Kent and radio's Jackie O. "She's been great! [Jackie's] beautiful but we're just mates."
But one woman already has his heart, his mother Vickie. "I'm doing this for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. My mum's had breast cancer twice. She's going through it again now."
Ryan has been linked to Jackie O. (Image: Supplied)

Tom Williams: 'I'm a nudist!'

After a few minutes chatting, it's clear nobody is more excited to enter the jungle than former co-host of Seven's Daily Edition, Tom!
Of course Ten's hair-raising reality series isn't his first reality TV outing. On top of hosting The Mole in 2005, Tom, 49, competed on Seven's Dancing With The Stars the same year, where he performed a risque samba shirtless, making him a certified Aussie sex symbol.
"Look, if people are going to be so nice to say that, I'll take it… I'm grateful," laughs Tom.
"I think my wife would laugh at all this. In fact, she'd fall off her chair laughing! Maybe she thought I was [a sex symbol] in the first two months of dating but now I'm just a daggy dad… she sees me in tighty-whities!" he quips.
Tom's famous shirtless dance on Dancing With The Stars. (Image: Supplied)
Tom says he's likely to get viewers hot under the collar again.
"I'm a nudist – I don't have a problem with it! I competed in a sport for 30 years where I was half naked, I went to an all-boys high school, I shower with men at least three times a week," says Tom, who is also a competitive rower.
"I'm a nudist – I don't have a problem with it! (Image: Network Ten)
The handsome presenter tells Woman's Day he's never been more ready to make a return to TV.
"I can't wait to get in and give it a shot, I imagine it's going to be like a giant dinner party with very interesting guests.
"I'm mindful of different personalities, but the problem is in my normal life if somebody's yanking on my chain I'll walk in the opposite direction, but here I can't do that!" Tom says.
"When [confrontation] happens, I cut people off. My wife says I need to curb that, but I really only have time for the nice people in life."

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