I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: "He couldn't believe it" - When Alli Simpson joined I'm A Celebrity, no one in the world was more shocked than her famous brother Cody

The famous siblings are just like the rest of us.

By Jess Pullar
Being faced with cockroaches, touching live eels, and living in constant fear of snakes isn't a reality many of us would seek out.
Well, unless you're 22-year-old Alli Simpson - model, singer, Instagram influencer and now, a jungle pro.
The famous Aussie went into the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here jungle with a brave, albeit apprehensive, mindset.
When she first made her entrance, arriving as an intruder a couple of days in, watchers across Australia weren't hedging their bets on the young addition.
She, along with Jack Vidgen and Abbie Chatfield, was on the youthful side of the camp - but refreshingly, all three of them have gone on to prove age is really nothing but a number.
On Monday evening, she was sadly eliminated in an unlucky trial which involved plunging her hands into a flurry of eels, having to guess how many there were.
Unfortunately, her guess was wrong, and she was plunged headfirst into a lake as her elimination was confirmed.
Alli was put through the wringer, quite literally, on the show. (Network Ten)
"It was super emotional to watch it back," Alli tells TV WEEK the morning after her elimination aired on Australian screens.
"It brought back so many emotions and feelings - everyone in the camp has been sending me messages in our group jungle chat."
The rising starlet has had a number of things to process upon her exit from the jungle - but some things remained the same, like her relatable relationship with her brother Cody Simpson, who is also world famous after his own whirlwind singing career (oh, and the small feat of dating Miley Cyrus last year).
But Alli has proved to us, and definitely her brother Cody, that she's paving her own path. Keep scrolling as we discuss all things family and jungle life with the latest jungle evictee.
Alli was tried and tested in the jungle, but she's made it through in one piece - and with plenty gained. (Network Ten)
TV WEEK: Alli! Well done on such an amazing effort in the jungle. How are you feeling after watching back your final episode?
Alli: Ah it was so good - I was so happy with how it went. It was super emotional to watch it back, it brought back so many emotions and feelings - everyone in the camp has been sending me messages in our group jungle chat.
It's been so amazing watching it with family and friends. There were so many moments that triggered me and touched my heart. I'm emotional that I'm leaving, but I cant wait to see what happens next!

What about your family, how did they take it when they found out you were going on the show?
Ha, they couldn't believe it - Cody was like, "theres no way you can do that."
He knows how terrified I am of cockroaches and spiders so he didn't believe that I'd be able to do it. He also couldn't wait to watch me try though, and he knew I'd give it my best shot.
And yea, the rest of my family thought it would be great entertainment! We've had watch parties where they're all in hysterics.
You've certainly proved them wrong though! How has Cody reacted since your episodes have aired and he's seen how you've gone?
Well because he's in the States he hasn't been able to watch it live, so I've been sending him little clips of me doing my trials, and he just can't believe it. He didn't think I could do it but I did!
Of all the people Alli surprised, it was mostly her brother Cody. (Instagram)
What surprised you the most about the reality of the show?
Well even just living in the camp and not eating and drinking what you usually do - the hunger element was really hard. And it wasn't lonely, but it was more just being isolated that was hard.
I'm super close to my family and friends. But having the campmates helped, we all felt low at different points.
I'd watched the show before, but being immersed in it is such a different experience.
Were there any moments that stood out to you that didn't make it to air?
Well so much of what we did was talk and get into deep conversations with everyone, everything about our careers and our relationships.
Those [conversations] highlighted some of the best moments with the camp as a whole.
I had a couple of moments talking to Jack about being young in the industry, and talking to Abbie about boys and relationships, those times and having that on the show was just awesome.
People really connected with your friendship with Abbie, we love to see a strong female team! How are you guys keeping in touch now?
Yea we've hung out a few times, and we talk every day. It's been really nice - the connection we built in there is so different to meeting someone like, out at a bar or just on Instagram.
Meeting someone without a phone or anything is not a conventional way. That's why these connections [the campmates had] were so real and vulnerable.
We talked about the heaviest times of our lives, and we've spoken every day since.

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