I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Is this the I'm A Celebrity 2018 winner?

We're calling it, these stars will be the final three.

By Bella Brennan
There might be weeks to go, but we reckon we already know the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2018 winner.
While Anthony Mundine and Danny Green's much-hyped rivalry may be dominating the headlines, behind the scenes there's three MVPs that you should be placing your bets on immediately!
One's the ultimate comeback queen, the other is the nation's spirit animal and the third is everyone's imaginary BFF.
Together, this dynamic trio are winning their way into Australia's hearts one tucker trial at a time.
Mark our words, if they're not the last three standing on D-Day we'll eat our Akubra...

Third place: Jackie Gillies

Shining on to the bronze medal?

Why we love her

If you haven't watch The Real Housewives of Melbourne, then Jackie Gillies was probably one of those "celebs" that had you scratching your head.
But the straight-shooting reality star has won a whole new legion of fans thanks to her appearance on I'm A Celeb. We also really want to be her bestie and have a cocktail and a gossip with her.
Jackie, who is married to Silverchair rocker Ben Gillies, is this year's mother hen and our hearts explode every time she gets her "shine" on and lovingly consoles a distressed campmate - even if she doesn't see eye-to-eye with them.
Her unexpected and intense relationship with Anthony Mundine has been getting major airtime with the self-styled "Bonnie and Clyde" duo providing fascinating debates on everything from feminism, Islam and why Anthony should roll up his sleeves and help out more around camp.
The 37-year-old isn't afraid to challenge the boxer and often tells him exactly what we're all thinking.
Jackie Gillies and Anthony Mundine go head-to-head. Post continues...
We're also obsessed with the fact she's a self-styled psychic and continues to prove doubters wrong with her spookily accurate predictions, including naming Tiffany's deceased relativities correctly and claiming someone would get a sore tooth hours before one of Fiona's pegs welled up in pain.
There's never a dull moment with this sassy soothsayer, who explains of her powers: "Obviously I'm psychic. I'm always going to the toilet because I have to remove people's energy. I have to go to the toilet like ten times a night."
The odd couple make for addictive TV.

Her secret weapon: she’s got connections in high places, literally!

Jackie Gillies is tight with the angles above so surely this celeb psychic will able to ring in a favour from up top?
Thanks to her Shine It Up national tours (think Roxy Jacenko's style of seminars with a psychic twist), the reality star has a cult following of fans who will be making sure she's one of the last ones standing in the jungle.
Will Jackie be able to harness the power of above?

Second place: Fiona O'Loughlin

Queen of the laughs: Fiona is the funniest celebrity in the jungle by far.

Why we love her

Fiona can make any situation in the jungle hilarious but beneath her intelligent and witty gags lies an incredible story of heartbreak and addiction.
The recovering alcoholic has been brave and honest in sharing her story with millions.
"There are people out there like me who simply cannot drink because we have an inverse allergy and it will destroy us. It is a deadly serious disease. Most alcoholics drink it ou … never get better. The statistics are one out of ten get sober," the 54-year-old revealed on the show.
Adding of her battle with the booze: "I would hide it in my bras, handbag linings, I would always cut the lining and hide it in there. What my family did for me, and particularly one of my sisters, she saved my life. Even when I went off the grid, at the very end I was homeless because I couldn't let my family see it so I went underground. That was the last three months of it."
Fiona has shared her moving story with Australia and it's hit a chord.

Her secret weapon: Brenda and Ron

We can't get enough of the double act between the comedian and Kath & Kim star Peter Rowsthorn.
As Brenda and Ron, the two wax lyrical on their dysfunctional family and we seriously think we could be witnessing the birth of Australia's next best comedy duo.
"Brenda and Ron just appeared. Ron in the shape of Pete and Brenda came out of me and it's almost like having a bit of a family in your own in here," she explains of their hysterical act.
Whiling away the mundane hours in the jungle, Brenda and Ron gossip about their kids and reminisce on the good times.
"I'm worried about the kids. I hope Kylie's lapband went OK," Brenda laments.
Watch the magic of The Brenda and Ron Show in the player below. Post continues...
"She's the size of a house," Ron quips.
"Who knows, Dean might have a job by the time we get back," his fictional wife adds.
"That's hilarious Brenda, we know that's not going to happen."
Fans aren't going to want to see this double-act disappear anytime soon!

First place: Shannon Noll

Onya Nollsy, 2018 is the year you'll be King of the Jungle.

Why we love him

He's carved out an entire career of being the ultimate underdog but 2018 is the year Shannon Noll will taste sweet, sweet victory.
Nollsy can't be robbed a second time. He just can't!
Since finding fame as the 2003 Australian Idol runner-up, the Aussie rocker has become the country's spirit animal. Between releasing five albums, two of which went multi-platform, the 42-year-old's found himself at the centre of several high-profile scandals that somehow continue to endear him to the nation.
From being arrested outside a strip club to that "Shooey for Shanno" viral video, Shan is your typical knock-about bloke everyone wants to have a beer and a yarn with because you just know he'd have some good stories to tell!

The star, who claims he's been approached several times to appear on the show, says he's determined to "reintroduce himself" to the public on I'm A Celeb.
And it's working with Nollsy really resonating with the audience.
The Lift hitmaker, who has been married to wife Rochelle since 2004, also puts his money where his mouth is and has donated $1 million to several Aussie charities over the years.
Relive the moment Guy Sebastian controversially defeats Shannon Noll on Australian Idol. Post continues...
You've got this! Shannon with his wife and kids.

His secret weapon: his Facebook fans

If there's anyone that's going to be voting their socks off to keep Shannon in the jungle, it's his devoted (and hilarious) Facebook followers.
Shannon's official Facebook page has become a star in its own right, with the singer's posts attracting hundreds of comments with a very distinct tone and style teasing that the star is rubbish at returning his fictional mate's things and er, very skilled in the bedroom. They are all signed off with a very Australiana "hoo roo cobber" for good measure.
If you ever have a spare half-an-hour we recommend doing a deep dive on the comment threads. But be warned, it's not safe for work!
Here are some of the more PG-friendly Shannon Noll Facebook comments:

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