I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

She's the Queen of the Jungle! Fiona O’Loughlin wins I’m a Celeb 2018

Your 2018 Queen of the Jungle couldn't be more deserving!

By Bella Brennan
If you're getting Australian Idol flashbacks circa 2003 then you're bang on the money.
Last night, the nation's ultimate runner-up Shannon Noll found himself in second place yet again 15 years after Idol as comedian Fiona O'Loughlin was crowned the winner after roughing it up in the jungle for six weeks in series four of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Boxer Danny Green placed third.
Taking the blow like a champ, Nollsie was quick to congratulation Fiona.
"Fi was a deserved winner, she toughed it out in camp the last few days and pulled it off. All credit to her, she's such a wonderful person... bounced back from what she's come from is just absolutely amazing," the 42-year-old said.
Fiona is the second female winner of the Aussie series after Casey Donovan took home the crown last year.
"I think I'll be laughing til I'm 80... and that's not far away by the way I feel today. I'm so tired and yet so happy!" Fiona said during her crowning glory.
WATCH: Shannon Noll congratulates Fiona. Post continues...
Graceful in defeat, Shannon Noll was quick to congratulate Fiona.
"I did not think six weeks ago I'd be sitting here. Bloody hell, I just won I'm A Celebrity," the shocked star proclaimed before bursting into a fit of giggles atop her throne.
"I just feel like the luckiest duck alive. Without a doubt the jungle has changed me. I will never take anything for granted again,"
The mother-of-five will now get to donate $100, 000 to her chosen charity Angel Flight.
Fiona sits on her rightful throne!

Fiona was one of the most gutsiest, genuine and hilarious stars of the season, carving out a key place in the line-up not only as the court jester but as the ultimate friend and shoulder to cry on for her camp mates.
But it was Fiona's incredible back story that truly resonated with millions of viewers.
Although she can make any situation in the jungle laugh-out-loud funny, beneath her intelligent and witty gags was a heart-wrenching story of heartbreak and addiction.
The recovering alcoholic has been brave and honest in sharing her story with the nation.
WATCH: Fiona O'Loughlin thanks fans for their support. Post continues...
"There are people out there like me who simply cannot drink because we have an inverse allergy and it will destroy us. It is a deadly serious disease. Most alcoholics drink it ou … never get better. The statistics are one out of ten get sober," the 54-year-old revealed on the show.
Adding of her battle with the booze: "I would hide it in my bras, handbag linings, I would always cut the lining and hide it in there. What my family did for me, and particularly one of my sisters, she saved my life. Even when I went off the grid, at the very end I was homeless because I couldn't let my family see it so I went underground. That was the last three months of it."
Clawing her way back from the bottom, Fiona has turned her life around and we have no doubt this latest victory is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter.
A huge congrats!

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