I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

''I'm really vain:'' Debra Lawrance wants to look her best on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

This former Home and Away actress just wants to look her best!

By TV Week team
She's coped just fine with no make-up or hairstyling in the jungle in South Africa, but Debra Lawrance insists she's actually a vain person.
''I'm pretty fit – I do yoga and Pilates every morning,'' she told TV WEEK before she started filming, I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!
''Any actor worth their salt needs to stay fit anyway, but also, I'm really vain – I want to look good. I'm in pretty good nick, if I can say so.''
Debra was thrilled to win a Logie in 2017. IMAGE: Supplied
The 66-year-old also describes herself as being curious, a quality that has helped her get through some of the challenging times in her life, including the birth of her daughter Grace.
''I did 19 hours of labour with Grace without drugs, and she was a posterior birth, which I didn't know at the time, so it was really painful,'' she remembers.
''I was really curious about how bad the pain would get. It was awful, but I think my curiosity kept me going.''
Daughter Grace is behind her mum all the way. IMAGE: Supplied
Grace is now an outdoor education teacher, and both she and her younger brother Will were very supportive of their mum going on I'm A Celebrity.
''She's delighted I'm doing it,'' Debra says.
A TV WEEK Logie Award winner in 2017 for Please Like Me, Debra is best known for playing Home and Away's Pippa from 1990 onwards.
Debra met her longtime love Dennis Coard on the set of Home and Away some 30 years ago. IMAGE: Supplied
It was on Home and Away that she met her future husband Dennis Coard, when he played Michael, her love interest in Summer Bay.
She says she and Dennis have always had things to talk about apart from their roles.
''So many other things we love about theatre and performance and birdwatching and sports. I think he married me because I used to play cricket, so I can talk knowledgeably with him about Test matches!''

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