Forget The Bachelor - The I'm A Celebrity jungle has sparked a surprising number of iconic Aussie romances

Who would've thought eating bugs and questionable hygiene would be the recipe for love?

By Jess Pullar
Australia is well acquainted with a humble reality TV romance - we've seen a solid Bachelor success rate, a handful of Married at First Sight couples go the distance, and even Big Brother has served up a smitten duo or two.
But of all the shows to bring us romance, there's one you wouldn't quite expect to be on par with the others - yep, I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! doesn't sound particularly appealing as a way to meet your other half.
You don't have to look far to know why.
Faced with a series of testing, trying, and at times, downright terrifying challenges, the stars of the show are subject to some of their most uncomfortable moments.
Then there's the grub, and constant hunger. Showers aren't quite hotel standard, and a diet of pure rice and beans would make even the loveliest of us a tad, er... cranky.
Nope, none of this serves up an opportunity where one is at their peak to meet their perfect romantic match.
But strangely, a number of seasons of I'm A Celebrity Australia has somehow managed to achieve quite the contrary.
From Barry Hall and Lauren Brant to Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher, you'll be surprised to learn of some of the sparks that have flown in the depths of the jungle.
Keep scrolling as we round up the surprising couple's who've hooked up on I'm A Celebrity...