I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Beau Ryan breaks down as he's reunited with his family after controversially quitting I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

He addresses the many rumours about his shock exit.

By Maddison Leach
An emotional Beau Ryan has reunited with his children after dramatically quitting I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! to go home to them.
The 34-year-old father of two headed into the jungle as a fan favourite to win the competition, and $100,000 for his nominated charity The Mark Hughes Foundation.
But after only a few weeks of gross challenges and limited food, the former NRL star called it quits, telling his campmates he felt "broken".
"My kids need their dad. My wife needs a husband, and I need to find myself back," he confessed as he announced his plans to leave the show.
Beau with his wife and kids before he went into the jungle. (Instagram)
Now home with his family, Beau shared footage of the emotional moment he was reunited with daughter Remi and son Jesse.
Wife Kara distracted the kids as the I'm A Celeb star snuck into the house, but the second their dad walked into the room Remi and Jesse only had eyes for him.
"Dad! Daddy!" the cried, rushing into his arms as Beau fell to his knees and welled up, holding his children tight.
"Daddy's home! Daddy's home early from work and I'm not going again, I'm staying with you forever!" the 34-year-old then promised.
The clip then cut to Beau sharing a hug with his wife, muttering "holy f—k" under his breath as he dealt with the emotional moment.
Though the devoted dad made it pretty clear on I'm A Celeb… that his decision to leave the show was based solely on his desire to return to his family, fans weren't convinced.
Social media was flooded with comments berating Beau for quitting, with some critics saying he "gave up" because he couldn't handle the limited diet, something he regularly complained about.
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Chatting with Fitzy & Wippa on Nova this morning, the footy icon cleared up a few rumours about his exit.
"I didn't really know what was going to air and last night was pretty emotional. I was sort of happy that it was over and I can move on, but it was it was quite tolling man," he confessed.
Beau revealed that on the second day in the jungle he asked producers, "Where's the coffee? Or can I get a banana?" and they laughed at him.
"At that moment, I realised I wasn't as famous as I thought I was. And I knew I was in big trouble," he said.
Beau couldn't handle the limited diet on the show. (Network Ten)
"I didn't read the contract. I don't read any of the contracts. I look at the money, and everything else is irrelevant. But the food got me."
Beau went on to say that he simply "couldn't get through" the gruelling contest on such a restricted diet, all while missing his family back home.
As for rumours he left because his contract with Network Ten meant he wasn't being paid as much as other stars like Nathan Buckley, Beau addressed those up too.
"We didn't talk about money at all, you know, $300,000 [the amount Nathan was allegedly paid] is good money to do four weeks in the jungle. I didn't get that," he revealed.

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