I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Anthony Mundine’s disgusting anti-gay rant following ‘I’m A Celeb’ exit

“If you are going to be gay, do it behind closed doors, that is how it used to be in the olden days.”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Anthony Mundine has unleashed a disgusting rant about homosexuality after leaving Network Ten show I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!
Speaking with The Daily Telegraph in a post jungle chat, the boxer said he believed capital punishment is the only way to deter homosexuality.
"If we were to live in a society, just like in Aboriginal culture, that homosexuality is forbidden and you do it and the consequences are capital punishment or death, you think you are going to do it? Or think twice about doing it?" he said.
Anthony, a father-of-five, then came exceptionally close to suggesting a link between homosexuality and pedophilia.
"Because they are pushing these gay rights so much in the Western world, the pedophiles out there want their rights," he said.
"Now they are going to claim to have rights. They want their rights just like the gay people want their rights."
WATCH: Anthony says the magic words and walks out of the jungle. Post continues...
The controversial personality also said he feared that homosexuals on television -- either actors or characters -- should not be allowed as they would have an adverse effect on children.
"They are not going to be happy until they have primary school kids being gay," he told the publication.
"I talk the truth. It is the system. I don't care if you are gay or not, it doesn't worry me because the creator will judge you later. If you are going to be gay, do it behind closed doors, that is how it used to be in the olden days."
Anthony, 42, lasted less than two weeks in the jungle and his appearance on the show was considered a huge coup for Channel 10.
The network confirmed his shock departure on Thursday morning via social media.
"The man is out! Anthony Mundine dramatically says the words and walks out of the jungle. 7:30pm on Ten," the network said on their Facebook page alongside a photo with the words "Mundine walks!"
They also shared a video of the sports star exclaiming, "I'm The Man, get me out of here", as he left camp.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the boxing great called it quits after an intense challenge in the viper room against his nemesis, Danny Green, and snakes.
"Viper Room seemed to push both Danny Green and Anthony Mundine to their limits," the show's co-host Dr. Chris Brown explained to News Corp.
"The expectation was that that trial would bring them closer together but it seems it may have been the straw that broke the man's back."
Another one bites the dust! Anthony called it quits after less than two weeks.
The former Bondi Vet was still coming to terms with the series' second loss in as many weeks.
"He's been our camp leader and been thrown into all of our tucker trials and seemingly handling it very well but the man is the man and the man does things his own way," Dr. Chris explained.
"I guess this shows you that every single day is as dramatic as the last. This is our fourth year of the show and we've never had anyone walk out before."