I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

"Absolutely not": Alli Simpson's whirlwind arrival on I'm A Celebrity has divided fans

The 22-year-old has already caused a stir.

By Jess Pullar
After days of speculation, Alli Simpson has officially joined the I'm A Celebrity campmates, and already, the people have spoken.
The 22-year-old, who is a model and singer, is perhaps most commonly known as the younger sister of Cody Simpson.
As she made her big entrance on the show last night, many Australians took to Twitter to share their thoughts - and there were quite a few.
Alli first made news this week as a rumoured intruder on the show, and she confirmed all on her Instagram page shortly before her debut episode aired.
"AUSSSS!! you better believe it fam.. I'm on this season of @imacelebrityau in Australia!" She wrote, adding, "Watch me fall apart on national tele & get to know me reaaaaal well"

Alli, who has a following of more than one million on Instagram, quickly made a big impression on the camp.
As fans were still getting over the fact that Ash Williams and Abbie Chatfield shared a sleeping bag on Tuesday evening, Alli's arrival caused quite a stir when Ash comically quipped that she'd arrived "one day too late."
Unsurprisingly, audiences didn't take that well.
"Absolutely not a fan of a 38 year old ash williams lusting over a 22 year old alli simpson smh," one fan mused on Twitter.
"Hard to imagine the 22 to 'influencer' will look at Ash in any romantic way.." Another added.
Alli quickly made a big impression in the jungle. (Network Ten)
Fans were also bemused by who Alli Simpson actually was.
"But seriously...WHO is Alli Simpson?," One watcher wrote.
"I'm sorry who is Alli Simpson?" Said another.
"Who??? Ahh thanks google," added a fan.
The social media influencer tackled her first challenge with admirable confidence. (Network Ten)
But despite the confusion, there's no denying Alli took her first gruelling challenge quite well.
"Going from someone that couldn't be in the same room as one cockroach or spider to having thousands of cockroaches poured on my head & in a room full of snakes and spiders.. I think I did pretty well," Alli said on Instagram in a later post.
Fellow camp mates shared encouraging comments with Alli too, with Real Housewives star Pettifleur writing: "You did sooo well."
Singer Paulini also commented: "Babeeee @allisimpson those [rodents] 's at photo 6 would have had me bypassing that level."
Looks like we've got some interesting scenes to come!

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