I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

EXCLUSIVE: I’m A Celeb’s Abbie Chatfield reveals she’ll “never” be the Bachelorette

''My dating life is private.''

By Laura Masia
With her bubbly personality, it's no surprise that Abbie Chatfield is one of the most influential people from The Bachelor Australia.
But after creating a successful podcast and gaining 215,000 followers on Instagram, Abbie declares she's done with love-based reality shows and sharing her search for love.
"I would never do The Bachelorette," Abbie, 25, tells TV WEEK.
"My dating life is private, because I don't want to drag them [a love interest] into it. Unless we were living together, I wouldn't announce it."
Abbie rose to fame on Matt Agnew's season of the show. (Channel Ten)
Despite forming a cuddly connection with comedian Ash Williams in the jungle, for her, it was never anything romantic.
"It's much harder in the jungle than it looks," Abbie admits. "Both of us needed comfort in there."
Abbie and Jack's friendship made them fan faves. (Channel Ten)
After her time on The Bachelor vying for Matt Agnew's heart, her upfront and honest attitude caused her to become the target of intense online bullying.
"The issue with love-based reality shows is they require a villain. People hate-watch and the only way to have a hero is to have a villain."
And during Matt Agnew's season, the villain edit landed on Abbie's shoulders. As she watched the series from home, Abbie was filled with dread.
"The Bachelor is so contrived and edited," Abbie reveals, "I used to watch The Bachelor shaking with anxiety."
WATCH: Matt Agnew breaks Abbie's heart in The Bachelor finale.
But now, after a few years of being in the public eye, Abbie understands why she became such an easy target.
"People love to hate people, particularly when they like to put their own issues from their own interpersonal relationships onto TV. People enjoy it, it's cathartic for them."

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