House Rules

House Rules judge Wendy Moore rates this season’s contestants

“They’re the best we’ve ever had!”

By Zara Zubeidi
Having served as a judge on the show since its inception, Wendy Moore knows House Rules inside and out. But what does the 48-year-old make of this year's competition? We find out.
Has anything shocked you on House Rules this season?
Katie and Alex's elimination was devastating because they were really coming on as great designers. But that's what happens on House Rules. Once you get past that first phase [the interiors], it's every man for himself.
But we have four really strong teams left. From a design perspective, they're the best we've ever had.
Shayn and Carly have been fairly strategic in their approach. Would you do the same?
I would be strategic, for sure! At the end of the day, it's a competition and it's a life-changing amount of money [to be won]. But strategy has to be secondary to design. You have to focus on that first and foremost.
Wendy has been impressed with the teams this season.
Pete and Courtney have fallen victim to online trolling. What advice would you give them?
You can't take it personally. I've said this to past contestants: it's [online reaction] really an indication of the show's success.
Have you ever been trolled?
When I first started [on House Rules], it was really hard to see people questioning my expertise and knowledge. But then I realised everybody can have an opinion.
Your fellow judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen can be quite harsh. Do you think he's ever gone too far?
No, I don't think so. Even when he's being quite harsh, he's very good at articulating why. I really respect that about him.
Wendy enjoys working with Laurence and Jamie.
Is Jamie Durie excited to star on The Real Dirty Dancing later this year?
He's so excited. It's going to be hilarious and we're going to take the p--- out of him mercilessly!
House Rules airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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