House Rules

House Rules Judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would love to see more of “lippy” Perth mum Chiara

'Maybe we could have Chiara back on House Rules?'

By Helen Vnuk
Perth parents Chiara and David were eliminated from House Rules last week. But if UK judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen had his way, that wouldn't be the last we'd see of Chiara.
"Chiara's someone that I think could work very well in a television context," he tells TV WEEK.
"Yes, she's a hothead, and she's quite lippy, she's quite gobby, but all of that I think is quite good."
Laurence thinks Chiara could be really "out there" with opinions.
"I think she'd probably be quite a good judge. Who knows? If in the next season we're looking for a former contestant as a guest judge, maybe Chiara would be the person."
Perth couple Chiara and David were eliminated last week.
Laurence is also convinced that Chiara and David could run a successful kitchen consultancy.
"They have a vision of kitchens that I think Australia would really, really enjoy. They make kitchens with a lot of drama, they make kitchens with a lot of pizzazz, and I think they do it extremely well."
Laurence says Chiara and David have "pizzazz."
Chiara and David aren't the only eliminated contestants that Laurence thinks could have a future in design. He's a big fan of Queensland brothers Brandon and Josh, and NSW mother-and-daughter duo Kim and Michelle.
"Team Brandosh, they came out as such great garden contractors," he says."I can really see them operating in the landscape very, very well.
"Michelle and Kim, they gave so much to the competition," he continues. "They tried so hard. I can see them really, really working on a personal shopping level."
Laurence says Josh and Brandon could be brilliant landscapers.
Laurence hopes that at least some of the teams from House Rules will take it as a springboard to a new career.
"As long as they don't take any work away from me!" he laughs.
House Rules' grand finale premieres tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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