House Rules

EXCLUSIVE: House Rules' Kim and Michelle open up about their elimination

'I’m pretty proud of myself'

By Helen Vnuk
Kim and Michelle have been eliminated from House Rules. But the first-ever mother-and-daughter team have gained a lot from the experience – and not just a renovated house.
Kim, who's 59, has learnt a lot about technology. "Prior to this show I didn't know about Suri [note: we think she means Siri] or Google Maps or how to use the internet or things like that," she tells TV WEEK.
"Having older children who are all tech-savvy, you don't learn, you just ask them to do it for you. On the show it was something that I really had to learn. I'm pretty proud of myself, especially with Google Maps!"
Kim and Michelle.
The Tweed Heads grandmother admits she felt "awkward" when filming began because she was so much older than the other contestants.
"It would have been nice to have had somebody my own age," she says. "But they all kind of looked up to me as a mother figure."
Kim grew particularly close to the youngest team on the show – Queensland brothers Josh and Brandon.
"I class Josh and Brandon as my adopted sons. They helped out a lot on the build if we needed a hand with heavy materials. They'd never say no."
Kim says they bonded well with Josh and Brandon.
Kim gave up her job in retail to go on House Rules. But she has no plans to launch a new career in the media.
"I'm quite happy to come back being a mum and a grandma and a wife," she says. "That's always been my role. I enjoy it."
But 27-year-old Michelle, who's also worked in retail, is open to the possibility of a new career.
"This competition has opened my mind up to changes," she says. "You should never say no to a new adventure because it's probably going to be the best adventure of your life."

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