House Rules

Eliminated House Rules brothers Josh and Brandon reflect on the show

“We were in it to win it but we didn’t want to put anyone out”

By Helen Vnuk
The nice guys of House Rules, Josh and Brandon, have been eliminated. The country boys know they didn't play the same sort of strategic game as some of the other teams, but they don't regret it.
"Each to their own," Josh, 23, tells TV WEEK. "Some of them are very competitive but we're not very competitive. We were in it to win it but we didn't want to put anyone out at the same time.
"We were just being ourselves. That's all we could do."
Josh says they didn't want to use things like the bonus room in a strategic way."When we passed on the bonus room to Toad and Mandy, we hoped that they'd be able to handle it. We hoped that they would get it passed and get those extra points, which they did."
The brothers from Maryborough in Queensland have now discovered, to their surprise, that they're a hit with kids.
"It's been pretty cool hearing from parents of young kids how much they look up to us," Josh says.
"I was just like, 'Oh, I didn't really realise it would be like that!' We've been invited to go to the primary school that we went to and do a bit of a talk, and also go to some other schools."
Brandon, 22, says parents have told him that their kids sit down and watch House Rules with them, as a family.
"The parents are saying that they think we're great role models for the kids, the way we act on television, so that's pretty cool," he explains.
"I'm like, 'Don't come to the pub on a Friday or Saturday night!'" Josh adds with a laugh.

The brothers say they'll "definitely" stay in touch with the other teams. They're on good terms with everyone – even Kristie, who made them pay for a sewing machine that Mel and Dave owned.
"No hard feelings," Brandon says. "All good!"

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