House Rules

House Rules' Joh Griggs and Jamie Durie's bitter rivalry EXPOSED

Tension between the two House Rules stars is at crisis point as Jamie eyes off Joh’s crown.

Just weeks into its seventh season and major cracks are already beginning to show on Seven's hit series House Rules because of the bitter rivalry erupting between Jamie Durie and Joh Griggs.
"There have been secret crisis meetings at Seven," confirms one insider, who says Joh is "furious" that the network appears to be promoting Jamie and sidelining her.
"Joh's absolutely steaming – and she has every right to be! She's been at the network for more than 15 years and is a big part of the success of the show, yet she's feeling pushed aside by Jamie."
Jamie, 49, joined the cast of House Rules this year as a judge, replacing architect Drew Heath, and joining flamboyant style consultant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and former magazine editor Wendy Moore.
And while Joh had no issue with his appointment, our insider says tensions have steadily been reaching boiling point as he's given more and more attention and air time
Jamie's (right) appointment as the newest House Rules judge alongside Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (left) and Wendy Moore (right) has caused tension on set. (Image: Channel Seven)

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!

"It's become all about Jamie," reveals our insider, who says the alarm bells must have started ringing for Joh, 45, when she was excluded from some of the major promos for this season and Jamie was showcased as the star act.
"Joh's been relegated to the back stalls, despite being one of the biggest stars on the network. It's not difficult to understand why Joh's pissed off."
With network heavyweights scrambling to keep the show together, crisis meetings between Joh's manager and Seven bosses have taken place – to try and placate the much-loved star.
"Joh's manager [Sue Muggleton] is fuming that her long-time client is being treated like this, and there have been some very heated exchanges behind closed doors," our source says.
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"The situation is beyond fractured, and cementing the pieces back together is going to be difficult with two huge egos involved," the source says.
"I think the biggest concern is that the fans will pick up on the tension and switch off."
With The Voice smashing House Rules in the ratings, Jamie's starring role clearly hasn't helped attract new viewers, and could even see Joh poached by a rival network.
"It's difficult for people who have been involved in the show to understand why the network is promoting Jamie when Joh has proven her stripes and has such a loyal following," our source says.
"I think they thought bringing in some new blood could revitalise the series, and that because Jamie worked on Backyard Blitz and The Living Room he would bring his fans with him. But that just hasn't happened."
"Joh's been relegated to the back stalls, despite being one of the biggest stars on the network," a source said. (Image: Getty)

Fall From Grace

Former golden boy Jamie fell on hard times last year when his company JPD Media and Design went into voluntary administration, owing creditors almost $1 million.
"He's very ambitious and I know he's made no secret of the fact that he wants Joh's job," our source says, adding that the tension between the two stars is increasingly causing friction on the set of House Rules.
The behind-the-scenes battle has even seen the crew and cast take sides – with Joh emerging as the clear winner in the popularity stakes.
"Joh is very close to Laurence and Wendy and they've both sided with her, as have most of the people who work on House Rules," our source says.
"It's changed the whole dynamic because when Joh and Jamie are on set together it's very icy, and there's even growing speculation that this series may be the final one."
Jamie is very ambitious and has his eye on Joh's job. (Image: Getty)

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