House Rules

Eliminated House Rules contestants Jess and Jared on their plans for the future

“What it’s given us is absolutely priceless”

Jess and Jared have been eliminated from House Rules. But the Adelaide couple feel grateful for just having had the chance to go on the show.
"What it's given us is absolutely priceless," Jess, 26, tells TV WEEK. "How lucky that we get to start our journey together in a brand-new house."
So… is that journey going to involve a baby soon?
"Jared is very keen to have kids," she says with a laugh. "Honestly, I probably change my mind every day about whether I want to get married first or have kids first."
Jess, a primary school teacher, has already returned to work. She's finding that a lot of her students are House Rules fans.
"It is actually bad because a lot of the kids yell out 'Jess!' when it should be 'Miss Dover!'" she explains.
She says there are two things they want to say to her: "I saw you cry last night!" and "Who won?"
Meanwhile, footballer Jared returned to playing in the SANFL when filming finished. But in just his second week back, he suffered a knee injury.
"He was out for six weeks," Jess says. "His body's given up on him, unfortunately."

Appearing on House Rules led to Jess receiving modelling offers. She's recently done some work for a gym brand in Adelaide. But she says any modelling jobs she takes on need to be in line with "my personality and what I believe in". Teaching is her priority.
"I definitely love my teaching," she says. "I wouldn't leave my career for something that's a modelling gig."
As for Jared, Jess agrees that he is "very good-looking" and could do some modelling himself.
"He's pretty modest and he doesn't put himself out there, but maybe I will!"

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