House Rules

Pete and Courtney crowned winners of House Rules 2019

''I think it’s going to give us the gift of time.''

By TV Week team
Pete and Courtney have won House Rules, beating out chippie brothers Tim and Mat.
Following their win on Tuesday's grand finale episode, the married dance partners revealed their $250,00 cash prize will mean they can spend more time with their one-year-old son, Casper.
"I think it's going to give us the gift of time," Pete told TV WEEK of the prize money. "It means Courts won't have to rush back to work."
"Maybe for me, I can take a breather and enjoy him and soak him up before we get back to the real world," he added.
So with all of this spare time, does this mean there might be a sibling for Casper on the way?
"For now, we just want to be home and enjoy him and soak up all of him," Courtney said. "There will definitely be a little sibling sometime in the future but right now, it's all about him."
Tears all round for Pete and Courtney! (Source: Channel 7)
"At heart", being dance instructors is the couple's "passion", so while they've loved every second of the House Rules journey, they're not giving up their day job just yet.
However, they're not going to be shying away from any opportunities to transform more properties.
"It won't be the last you hear of Pete and Courtney renovating," Courtney said.
The couple also spoke about how they felt after judge Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen (LLB) told them they were "not winners but victors" after weeks of battling it out against the other teams.
"When he said that [we had won], our hearts just exploded!" Pete recalled, while Courtney added: "It was a moment like no other. I can't compare it to anything."
Winners! (Source: Channel 7)
For the moment, the pair, who after 15 years together are "stronger than ever" are just trying to let their win "sink in".
"Every time I think about it, I think I'm either going to burst into tears or giggle," Courtney said.
"It's going to be a long time before it sets in and we realise how big the journey was and how it finished."

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