House Rules

House Rules winner Toad says he'd love a permanent place on our screens

'I’d definitely have a crack at it!'

Toad and Mandy took out the top prize during the 2018 House Rules grand final overnight, walking away from the competition with a newly renovated home and $355,000 in prize money. However, it may not be the last we see of the pair.
Could NSW dairy farmer Toad have a future in television? House Rules host Johanna Griggs certainly thinks so.
"He's got that iconic Australian humour that people like," the 44-year-old tells TV WEEK.
Toad, 33, admits he'd love to do "a bit of telly" – as long as he could squeeze it in around his family and farm.
"I'd definitely have a crack at it," he says. "It's good seeing people laugh."
Toad and Mandy win House Rules!
While Toad's fiancée Mandy, 28, thinks he'd suit "anything comedy-ish", Toad believes it could be "anything bloke-ish".
"A fishing show or a four-wheel-drive show," he suggests. "I don't think it'll be Australian Spartan!"
While Toad is considering a career in television, his wife Mandy plans to use some of their prize money to finally open her own salon.
"I'll be able to get into planning and building the salon a bit sooner!"
The beautician reveals they'll also be putting some of the money towards their wedding, though she says the money will mostly go towards building a future for their twins Layla and Lenny.
"We just need to pick a [wedding] date and obviously contact the people and see if we can book it. We won't just blow the money. We've done a long haul to get to where we are and we were away from our businesses and our kids and family for a long time. It's about the future and just staying strong."
Toad and Mandy with their twins, Layla and Lenny.
As for the other couple who made the grand final, Queensland's Mel and Dave, they have learnt one very positive thing from the show: they'd be great in business together.
It's long been a dream of theirs.
"We just work really well as a team," Mel, 33, says. "It's meant to be."
Toad and Mandy came out on top during the Grand Final, over Mel and Dave.

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