House Rules

House Rules 2018: Who will win?

Are you Team Toad and Mandy or are you rooting for Mel and Dave?

By Alex Lilly
Can you believe we've reached the final of this year's House Rules?
After the blood, sweat and tears we've seen this season, on Monday night, one lucky couple will walk away with a whopping $355,000 on top of their newly renovated home. But who will it be?
Following the shock elimination of WA's David and Chiara, it all comes down to the NSW couple Toad and Mandy versus Queensland husband and wife Mel and Dave. And in this renovation spin on State of Origin, Sportsbet have dished on who they think will walk away as the winners.
Get the lowdown on the final couples here.

Toad and Mandy, NSW

These two have been fan favourites from day one.
The dairy farmer and beautician have been popular since the competition started and it looks like they could go all the way.
Sportsbet have tipped the NSW team to be this year's winners with $1.60 odds.
"Toad and Mandy have been nailing it and were first through to the finale. They've been the most popular with punters throughout the series, but now we're down to just two couples so anything can happen," said's Ella Zampatti.
The couple, who are parents to one-year-old twins Lenny and Layla, plan to get married later in the year.
"We don't need to follow tradition," Mandy, 28, explains. "We're not like that – and we thought it would be cute to have our own little kids walk down the aisle before me."

Mel and Dave, QLD

Mel and Dave have caused some controversy this year.
With odds at $2.30, married Queenslanders Mel and Dave are Sportsbet's pick for runners-up.
The determined couple has played some strategic moves that weren't too well received, from the time they gave eliminated contestants Leigh and Kristie a bonus room to complete hoping that they would fail to their clashes with Chiara and David on their shared zones.
Mel and Dave have made it no secret that they're keen to win and hope to use the prize money so that Dave can quit his fly-in, fly-out job and stay at home with their family.
"It's not the money – it's what the money could do for us," says Mel.