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Did The Block leave House Rules' Tim broke?

The father-of-one was caught up in a past TV reno scandal.

In 2014, The Block: Glasshouse saw two couples – Darren and Deanne Jolly and Michael and Carlene Duffy – walk away with a measly $10,000 payout after a lack of buyer interest. But it appears they weren't the only ones burned by the show's "depressing" season.
It appears much-loved House Rules contestant Tim, 32, was caught in the middle of Blockheads Chris and Jenna Susetio's controversial unpaid tradie scandal, after it was revealed the chippie had worked for the couple.
At the height of the drama, builders for the Sydney-based pair stormed off the construction site amid complaints they were being taken advantage of by the amateur renovators, who fans branded as lazy and uninvolved.
House Rules viewers have been quick to speculate that the 2014 series may have been one of the big jobs that left father-of-one Tim in financial ruins.
"I went through a bit of a tough time financially, I didn't get paid for a few jobs and lost a lot of money and I've got [my wife] Kate to thank for having a roof over our heads," said Tim.
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While the chippie did not specify which jobs had set him back financially for a period of time, he did point out that it was one of the reasons he had not been able to renovate his own family home.
But that's not the only drama going on for Tim on the show, with a budget scandal apparently exploding on set!
According to a well-placed source, Tim and his carpenter brother Mat have been left fuming after whispers they had been dealt significantly tighter budgets for their renovations compared to the five other couples, due to their building experience.
Tim (far left) starred on The Block in 2014. (Image: Channel Nine)
"The boys just feel it's a bit of a cop out – the budgets should be universal between each couple and type of room," says a source close to the brothers.
"Of course their carpentry skills serve as a big help, but they shouldn't be left with less resources and cash than anybody else."
House Rules doesn't disclose any of the renovation budgets, with host Johanna Griggs telling one fan recently, "We aren't allowed to reveal budget specifics. But it's very generous. Sorry!"
House Rules judge Joh Griggs took to Twitter to address the renovation budgets. (Image: Twitter @johgriggs7)

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