House Rules

House Rules' Carolyn Burns-McCrave defends Shayn and Carly's strategic scoring

''Why are teams so upset about strategy???''

By Alex Lilly
Shayn and Carly cranked up the drama on Wednesday's House Rules when they awarded the early room reveal prize to Pete and Courtney over chippie brothers Tim and Mat thinking they were picking the zone that Pete and Courtney didn't do.
And while the other teams were left gobsmacked, one cast member has defended their decision to score strategically...and it may not be who you'd expect.
Taking to Twitter during Wednesday night's episode, design expert and House Rules mentor Carolyn Burns-McCrave supported homeowners Shayn and Carly's controversial choice.
"I'm gonna put it out there. I would ABSOLUTELY be strategic. It is a competition for huge money. I would grab any advantage I possibly could," she tweeted.
Her followers, however, were quick to argue their point.
"Yes but if you do vote strategically,why say so...It never ends well," one replied.
"I understand the strategy card I do, I just wouldn't of bragged about doing it. I would of just kept it to myself," said another.
Shayn and Carly made no secret that they would score with strategy in mind. (Image: Channel Seven)
But Carolyn came right back saying, "I don't believe they were bragging. They are just an honest, straight shooting couple."
"Why are teams so upset about strategy??? It's $250k for goodness sake. This is a design competition, not summer camp!" she added.
The resident design expert clearly has a soft spot for the Queensland couple. Carolyn shared a sweet black and white snap of herself with Shayn and Carly ahead of Tim and Mat's house reveal to her personal Instagram account.
"I can't say enough good stuff about these two #houserules legends. @shayncarlyau were really up against it with the early room reveal at @timmatau house but did their best right till the very end. It's just their MO," she captioned it.
Carolyn shared this cute snap of herself with Shayn and Carly on her Instagram account. (Image: Instagram @carolynburnsmcc)
The other teams weren't too happy with the strategic scoring though, especially the default winners Pete and Courtney.
"I'm not happy about the way we won," Courtney admitted.
"I was so disappointed by it," Pete added. "And then they'll find themselves at last renovation with no one wanting to support them, give them space, help them out. They'll be very, very alone."
Pete and Courtney weren't happy about how they won. (Image: Channel Seven)
Speaking to TV WEEK, 24 year-old Mikaela who is competing with her sister Eliza said they started to see a pattern with Shayn and Carly being super-competitive after their home was renovated.
"A lot of the teams are competitive, but still had the homeowners in mind. But Shayn and Carly had a total disregard and it would be at the expense of what would flow with the rest of the house. We saw a different side to them ."
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