House Rules

House Rules’ Pete and Courtney: 'The truth behind our tent tantrum'

The dance teachers admit they’re disappointed with their co-stars’ remarks

By Zara Zubeidi
Pete and Courtney were anything but happy campers in tonight's House Rules.
After finding out they'd have to spend the next week in a tent, they kicked off at producers.
A group vote followed, and while they the teams agreed Pete and Courtney could leave the tent, it was clear they were less than impressed.
Pete was not happy about the prospect of spending the week in a tent. Image: Channel Seven.
"Pete and Courtney got to where they are because they banged their drum and had a cry about it," Andy told the camera. "That just shows their kind of character."
"Whinge enough and you get what you want," Shayn added.
Pete and Courtney tell TV WEEK they're shocked by their co-stars' comments.
"I guess it's disappointing that they didn't say it in the moment, when it was important," Pete, 32, says.
"They should've spoken their minds and said it there [during the vote]."
The teams agreed to let Pete and Courtney leave the tent in a group vote. Image: Channel Seven.
Because Mikaela and Eliza were the lowest scorers after Lisa and Andy's home reno, the sisters should be sleeping in the tent this week - but of course, it's now their turn to have their home transformed.
As the second lowest scorers, Pete and Courtney were faced with the punishment instead.
Pete says the reason he and Courtney found it so "unfair" is because the new Early Reveal challenge, which sees the winning team win $5000 each week, doesn't appear to follow the same rules.
"When Lisa and Andy won the Early Reveal at our house, that $5k carried over into WA [Mikaela and Eliza's week], despite their renovation [Lisa and Andy's] being straight after ours.
"We were trying to understand why a disadvantage wouldn't be carried over too. It's something we really struggled with. It didn't weigh up".
House Rules airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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