House Rules

Pete and Courtney reveal the sacrifices they've made to appear on House Rules

“We’ve missed our son’s first steps”

A few House Rules teams this year have had to deal with being away from their children. But for dance teachers Pete and Courtney – who've left their one-year-old son Casper at home – it's been particularly tough.
"It's been the hardest part of the entire journey," Courtney, 31, tells TV WEEK. "There are days where it's like, 'Oh, God – it's too hard.'
"We've missed a lot. He started walking and he's talking a lot. We've missed all of that. We know we're doing this for him and the future, but there are days where it's really tough."
Pete and Courtney say they "missed a lot" of moments with Casper to participate in House Rules (Image: Channel Seven).
The only way Pete copes with being away from Casper, he says, is by getting "in the zone".
"When I'm in reno mode, I try to stay in reno mode," Pete, 32, explains. "Courtney loves getting photos of him, as it spurs her on, but I feel I'm better off not seeing them."
With one of the biggest houses the show has ever seen, it begs the question: are Pete and Courtney hoping to add to their brood?
"We have a pretty big house, so we need to fill it up!" Pete says with a laugh, while Courtney adds, "I'm definitely open to having more [children]. Pete wants 10!"
Pete and Courtney are on of six teams competing on House Rules (Image: Channel Seven).
House Rules airs Sunday, 7pm, and Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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