House Rules

House Rules' Pete and Courtney are struggling to deal with the backlash on social media

Inside their trolling hell...

By Zara Zubeidi
It's been a tough week for Pete and Courtney on House Rules.
The couple failed to impress the judges with their work at Lisa and Andy's exterior renovation and, away from the cameras, tell TV WEEK they've been on the receiving end of nasty comments on social media.
"It's hurtful," Courtney, 31, says. "But I guess we just have to put it aside and remember why we're here."
Pete and Courtney have been dealing with "hurtful" comments (Image: Channel Seven).
The dance teachers say the trolling they've received isn't just to do with the show – it can often be about their appearance or personalities.
Fortunately, host and "mother hen" Joh Griggs has been on hand to give the teams advice as to how to deal with any backlash.
"She's been incredible in supporting us and helping us navigate things like social media," Pete, 32, reveals. "She reminds us that we know who we are, as do our family and friends."
Pete says Joh Griggs has been helping them through the social media storm (Image: Channel Seven).
Outside of social media backlash, the couple admit it was also tough to be on the show because they missed precious time with their son Casper.
"It's been the hardest part of the entire journey," Courtney, 31, tells TV WEEK. "There are days where it's like, 'Oh, God – it's too hard.'
"We've missed a lot. He started walking and he's talking a lot. We've missed all of that. We know we're doing this for him and the future, but there are days where it's really tough."
The only way Pete copes with being away from Casper, he says, is by getting "in the zone".
"When I'm in reno mode, I try to stay in reno mode," Pete, 32, explains. "Courtney loves getting photos of him, as it spurs her on, but I feel I'm better off not seeing them."
Pete and Courtney say they "missed a lot" of moments with Casper to participate in House Rules (Image: Channel Seven).
House Rules airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Channel Seven

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