House Rules

House Rules’ Mikaela and Eliza reveal: “We wouldn’t let mum go on first dates!”

The House Rules duo spill on their close relationship with their mother.

By Zara Zubeidi
Surfing sisters Mikaela and Eliza may have turned to First Dates Australia to find love, but the pair are adamant their mum Kristen won't be following in their footsteps by doing the same.
"Whoever she dates will have to go through Mikaela and I – and that's a long, serious process!" Eliza, 21, says with a laugh.
House Rules has given the siblings the chance to give back to their beloved mum, who recently divorced their dad.
Mikaela and Eliza with their mum.
The sisters joined the renovation competition to give their mum that fresh start.
"Any family breakdown is difficult to go through," Eliza says. "I just know this is something all three of us will treasure for our entire lives."
"Mum has worked tirelessly our entire lives to give us everything we could possibly want and more," adds Mikaela. "She's sacrificed so much for our surfing and anytime we needed support or guidance she has been there."
The renovation rookies applied to House Rules for their mum.
Their newly renovated house has given Kristen newfound confidence, and they're hoping that one day she'll be able to find love again.
"Her new chapter has begun and she has so much more confidence moving forward," Eliza says. "There's no better place for Mum to heal."
Mikaela, 24, adds, "It's important for Mum to find herself again and fall in love with being herself before dating anyone. Twenty-seven years is a long time to be with someone. That's what she's always told us: you have to find happiness in yourself first."
House Rules airs Monday and Sunday, 7.30pm, on Channel Seven.

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