House Rules

House Rules’ Lisa: “I want to be on Home And Away!”

The star has already appeared on Beauty And The Geek.

By Zara Zubeidi
The House Rules semi-finals are well underway, but bubbly star Lisa is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to her dreams of becoming a fully fledged TV star.
The air hostess, who also appeared on Beauty And The Geek back in 2009, says she's open to all opportunities once the reno show wraps up.
"I'd love to stay in the TV industry," Lisa, 30, tells TV WEEK. "Now would be the time to give it a red hot crack. That would be the dream, it always has been."

As for Lisa's dream acting gig, she says she'd love to star on Home And Away.
"I've wanted to be on it since I was five years old," she reveals. "That would be absolutely amazing."
Lisa – who is competing on House Rules with her husband Andy - says she'd be keen to play a character completely different to what she's like in real-life.
"I come across so happy and bubbly so I'd love to be challenged and go in there a bit rough around the edges," she says.
Lisa and Corin on Beauty And The Geek.
Lisa was just 21 years old when she appeared on Beauty And The Geek.
Paired up with Corin, she went on to be crowned runner-up of the series.
"It was really fun!" Lisa previously told TV WEEK. "We had these male models stand in front of us and we'd have to paint arrows where we thought their hearts were. It was very care free and fun!"
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