House Rules: Amazing before-and-after photos of Lisa and Andy's Nordic dream house

Scandinavia has never looked so chic!

By Alex Lilly
As the House Rules teams headed to South Australia to give Lisa and Andy's place the show's full treatment, the teams were swapping the bold opulence of last week for a softer, Scandinavian look.
And after seeing the entire house reveal, we reckon they delivered 100 per cent.
Fireman Andy and flight attendant Lisa, who are also dog parents to Calvin and Louis, wanted to ditch the drab 1970s look of their home and instead give it a more European, updated feel with the following rules:
  1. Create a Nordic sanctuary
  2. Use timber and soft tones
  3. Deliver a knockout piece in each room
  4. Give us a breathtaking bathroom
  5. Bring "suave sixties" to the den
So how did the teams go? Take a look at the home before and after the House Rules treatment.